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Sarah Harding in a Solid Outfit of the Day

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Sarah Harding is some 40 year old popstar who has had what looks like some really hard living…since her UK pop band Girls Aloud in the 90s disbanded and created the amazing an hot Cheryl Cole…while I guess shitting out this one….

Over the years she’s had a series of bikinis, panty flashes, etc…I’ve posted on her before HERE

Not that I care about Sarah Harding, or what she’s up to, or even about any of these idiots, but I’ve been updating this shit for 11 years and I’ve stumbled across these iditos before..

That said, on this comeback tour she’s wearing a Cat Suit and her face is so fucking haggard, I barely even notice what must be a massive cameltoe, bot a product of the low level celebrity slut…party…


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Sarah Harding Upskirt of the Day

Sarah Harding is some British girl from Girls Aloud some fabricated bullshit pop band from the UK that you’ve never heard of because the UK has the most fabricated pop bands per capita than any other
country….but more importantly, because Girls Aloud is a 90s band…at least based on her face…and her level of panty flashing trying to get as much attention as possible…flashing her panties that are probably part of the dress but that we’ll pretend is something more scandalous…because it makes her more interesting on the internet….

These should be pussy flashes…

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Sarah Harding Models Bikini of the Day

I don’t know when these bikini pics of Sarah Harding in a bikini for a clothing line that looks like it would be sold in the projects at a tanning salon….you know my quality clothing…that give you rashes and that turn you into a welfare, mom of 5, back alley cocksucking hooker….but that may be because I don’t know who Sarah Harding is…and I know that’s repetitive shit…and that I could just use google to find out…but I figure it’s Christmas eve…do that your fucking self.

Here are the pics.

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Sarah Harding Flashing her Panties of the Day

Sarah Harding is some fabricated popstar from the UK….who no one really cares about….and who is pulling the Anne Hathaway in hopes of people noticing she still exists…you know cuz she’s the implant rockin’ skinny chick who was performing on stage, with equal exposure to prison tatted up, soccer star marrying, Cheryl Cole, but for some reason the public didn’t choose her to be on TV and to have a solo career, and to be the superstar her friend became….virtually leaving her nothing more than a bottom feeding reality star….hanging on as hard as she can…

This isn’t the first flashing stunt she’s done, I have a SARAH HARDING ARCHIVE that would be deemed sad, if I wasn’t such a pervert and into this kind of thing…especially since she’s skinny and busty…

That said, if she really wants to get noticed, next time she should try less panties…

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Sarah Harding See Through Leggings of the Day

Sarah Harding is wearing her leggings the way all girls should wear their leggings and that is with underwear underneath it because underwear under leggings always make leggings see through…while no underwear under leggings make leggings act as pants…cuz for some reason leggings are only see through with underwear…modern science must have an explanation for it..

I don’t know how many times I’ve been walking behind a girl in a black pair of leggings totally unaware that her underwear is fully exposed in a way that she might as well not be wearing pants….because she either likes it or because she doesn’t have friends, family, boyfriends nice enough to tell her what’s going on….but I do know I love every single time it has happened….even in pictures of useless UK fabricated popstars pushing 30….


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Sarah Harding’s Awesome Upskirt of the Day

I don’t know when this picture is from, but I am assuming recently, since Sarah Harding is only 30, but looks like a 45 year old housewife with an eating disorder, drug addiction and BOTOX party planning hobby….and as her sex appeal slowly melts away with her collagen…as her inner thigh skin hang off her bone like over over boiled chicken….I appreciate staring at what could be her bald skinny dangling vagina…but that’s just cuz this is how I like my women to work…weak, emaciated, unable to run…and jacked on whatever pills they are jacked on.

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Sarah Harding Ass Cheeks in Awesome Shorts of the Day

Sarah Harding is some UK chick from some fabricated Reality TV band and she’s out making moves wearing some pretty rockin’ shorts….if wearing short shorts is really moves…especially considering she probabyl called the paparazzi and figures it’ll be a good media hit now that she’s 30 and it’s almost gonna be too late for her or at least too late for people to consider her antics cute….especially considering everytime I leave my house every girl 16 – 25 is rocking something similar….which in and of itself is more exciting cuz it isn’t 30, expired, with a hungry uterus screaming to be fed sperm to make fetus….even if desperate once famous pussy with the energy to have a second wind is kinda hot when it has a body like this…and I guess that’s why I’ve fell into her trap.


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Sarah Harding Hot Body in Bikini of the Day

SARAH HARDING is some UK popstar trash who made it big, at the peak for her, as the second hottest girl in a fabricated girl group called GIRLS ALOUD….with their clever name and her ripped body….coupled with Cheryl Cole, who you know she probably cant’ stand because the public liked her best….motivating this one to work harder….and with work comes a toned stomach and with a toned stomach comes me….

If you know what I mean….

To See the Rest of the Day

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Cheryl Cole and Sarah Harding and their Girls Aloud Bodies of the Day

I have no idea why I am putting up pictures of a shitty reality TV band that was created in the UK years ago and that hasn’t even really hit North America yet and not sure they ever will because reality TV show bands tend to have limited fucking success, but I think it’s got to do with Cheryl Cole’s tits in this dress. Yes, I am that pathetic.

Here’s Her Partner – Sarah Harding

Pics via Fame

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UK Popstar Sarah Harding Trying to Cover Up The Goods of the Day

Sarah Harding is in some UK pop group I’ve haven’t had the pleasure of listening to or seeing in concert because I am sure it is serious bullshit, but at least she’s trying to keep the band relevant by getting out of her car like a little whore, showing off her maxi pad or whatever the fuck that shit in her pantyhose is. The whole thing bores me – so realize I am posting this for you.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Sarah Harding’s Legs in Shorts of the Day

Here is Girls Aloud “singer” (and I use that term loosley but probably not as loosely as her vagina lips) and she’s wearing some sort shorts. All I really know about this bird-faced cunt is that she models lingerie when not too busy making shitty music, or slutting it up on stage, so I guess there’s nothing that interesting about these pictures, other than that they remind me of a chick I saw yesterday who was 18 at the most who was squatting on a bench while talking to her boyfriend. Something I thought was weird, but slowed my swagger as I got close to see if I could see any pussy definition, because I am a pervert, but unfortunately not perverted enough to have staged a trip and fall to land face first in her crotch… and today, that is one of my life’s biggest regrets

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Girls Aloud Performing at the 2009 Brits of the Day

It was the British Music Awards last night and Girls Aloud were the opening act. I know, why would you care about the British Music Awards, you don’t live there so it doesn’t affect you, not to mention award shows are a total waste of fucking time and are more of a jerk off fest where people who already have massive egos get pinned up against each other for one to walk away the super ego, meanwhile every person in the room has already won the fucking lottery, but at least every now and then, bands I hate like Nickelback aren’t in the spotlight, and a group of slut Spice Girl impersonators who somehow avoided a career of stripping take center fucking stage and there’s nothing wrong with that, I mean other than how bad their music is, but who cares about the music when they’ve got tits. Right?

Here is member Sarah Harding’s Friend and by friend I mean assistant she probably shits on daily, Taking a Dive…..because it is funny and something These Drunk Sluts are Used To

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Sarah Harding’s Hot Outfit of the Day

If you don’t know who Sarah Harding is, you are probably not the only person out there because she’s in some Spice Girls cover band from the UK that no one really gives a fuck about called Girls Aloud. These are some pictures of her out partying, because when you are in a useless Spice Girls cover band that no one cares about, you don’t have the pressure of having to tour, record or even to promotional events, you kinda just ride on the advances the record companies give you and go to all the parties that you can while people still care enough to ask each other whether the slut in the corner with the bodyguard is famous or not, then play drinking games to figure out who the fuck she is, until one of them gets drunk enough to ask the bouncer who she is and realize when they are told that she’s a total fuckin’ nobody.

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I am – Sarah Harding Nipple Slip from Yesterday of the Day


So being the shitty blogger that I am, I posted all these pictures of a useless slut named Sarah Harding from some useless UK Spice Girls rip off called Girls Aloud yesterday and I didn’t post the nipple slip. Consider this a maintenance post for a guy who isn’t too good at fixing things I’ve fucked up because I’d be spending my entire day backtracking because I suck at life, but at least I am making the effort right now by bringing it to you now, because you like nipples in pictures since you can’t get nipples in life. Cuddles.

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I am – Sarah Harding at some Lingerie Store Opening of the Day


Here are some pictures of Sarah Harding doing the Paris Hilton at some store opening, because I guess when you’re some washed up popstar from the UK, Paris Hilton seems like some kind of success story that’s making all the right moves, so bitch goes out and does her hair like her, and shows up at events and poses like her, and even has the wonky eye shit going on, when all she really needs to do is take the free lingerie she gets from hosting this shitty Mall-lookin’ event, and make a fucking video for us all to dance to and by dance I mean masturbate, like I used to do to her shitty UK pop music, it just touched me in all the right places. But that was a long time ago, when masturbating was the only thing I had going for me…and now God’s even taken that away from me.

Speaking of loss, I know that girls aren’t as influenced by Paris as they were a few years ago because she’s old. Now they are all doing the Soulja Boy dance, when 5 years ago they were saying “that’s hot” and weren’t wearing underwear while suckin’ off their boyfriends on video. It’s kinda sad to have lost that too. I guess what it comes down to is that the world is a cold dark place but at least we still have our tears to cry with…

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