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UK Popstar Sarah Harding Trying to Cover Up The Goods of the Day

Sarah Harding is in some UK pop group I’ve haven’t had the pleasure of listening to or seeing in concert because I am sure it is serious bullshit, but at least she’s trying to keep the band relevant by getting out of her car like a little whore, showing off her maxi pad or whatever the fuck that shit in her pantyhose is. The whole thing bores me – so realize I am posting this for you.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Kim Kardashian’s Brags About Her 24 Inch Rims of the Day

Nothing says you’re a useless commercial hip hop influenced, club slut, Ed Hardy wearing motherfucker, than seeing a fat chick talk about her 24 inch rims on her expensive car.

Not only do I not give a fuck about how big a person’s tires on, or even what car their privileged little vagina drives, the shit just doesn’t impress me and I don’t find it interesting at all, especially when the person in question is Kim Kardashian, who has enough money to have a custom sidecar built for her ass out of diamonds and still not notice the dent in her trust fund ass, so seeing her brag about her 10,000 dollars rim is just weak, but I guess when you have absolutely no fucking substance this is the kind of conversation you have. I am not saying that I have substance and that I am a model example of what your conversations should consist of, but I am saying that if you are a rich girl, talking about things you bought with your whore money, especially when it is about your tires is pretty fucking weak.

Speaking of weak, I hear the car needed 24 inch rims to support the weight of her and her sister Khloe, it was buckling out, so I guess it’s not very nice to laugh at her disability or equipment used to support her disability, like the time a cripple when he brags about his brand new motorized wheelchair and I told him he’s still in a wheel chair, or the guy I saw with uneven feet showin’ off his platform shoe he just picked up at the shoemaker, or even like the time I tried to free a blind guys seeing eye dog because I knew he was a free laborer and I don’t like seeing people get exploited, only the cheesy cunt version.

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