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I am – Chauntal Remakes Britney Spears Gimme More Video of the Day

This girl played Lohan in some shitty viral video that went around and I thought she looked good enough to see naked so I reached out to her and did an interview. She hasn’t really been in touch since, even though I like to think I helped make her famous, then today emailed me this Gimme More Remake and after watching it, I realize it’s Chauntal again – remaking the most played out song of the year aside from Soulja Boy.

Now I don’t know how much time goes into remaking a Britney Spears video, but it must be nice to be so bored or to have nothing else going on that you can spend a day doing this shit. That is time that could have been better spent making a shower video, or a masturbation video, or if that’s too slutty for her, then a yoga video, or a dancing around your apartment video that would have taken a lot less work and been a lot more interesting to watch. In reality, this is a Britney Spears video remake, that’s time that could be better spent taking a day long shit.

Either way,when fans react to their fallen leader by throwing on some lingerie and thinking shit’s no pornographic, but satire, I link it, because I encourage any excuse a girl uses to justify putting on lingerie to make them feel like they aren’t a slut but an artist. Like that time I told a girl at the lingerie store that I needed to see how the panties fit because I needed to get them for my wife for Valentines Day and she was about the same size, even though she was about 1/3 of the size of my wife. But I gave a whole sob story about how I lost my job and had 40 dollars to my name and was spending it on my wife because she’s been such a support system to me and all that bullshit, and the sales girl did it. Within 10 minutes we had our own Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and I ended up not buying anything she wasn’t impressed that I left empty handed….I ended up fucking her. Then I realized i was reading my Penthouse Forum magazine I got for free because they reviewed my site (badly).

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