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Vanessa Minnillo and Jessica Simpson’s Sloppy Seconds on Vacation Again of the Day

I don’t know what it is with these people, but they always seem to be on fucking vacation, and I guess you would be too if you had the kind of money to support that lifestyle and no real work responsibilities to take up your time.

I guess this asshole deserves it for humiliating himself to the entire world by forming a boy band for the money, because there’s no way anyone forms that shit for the artistic integrity or because they think shit is cool, they do it so they can land a hot slut of an ethnic girlfriend and take the whore to the beach as often as possible so that she keeps herself fit because of the constant pressure of being in a bikini….

Either way, you humiliate yourself everyday and still can’t manage to land a girl, so you’re obviously doing something wrong. You should work on that. Cuddles.

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