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Britney No Bra Spears of the Day

Watching Britney not wear a bra, reminds me of my fat wife not wearing a bra and there’s nothing hot about that. It’s actually pretty fucking scary and that’s why I don’t have pictures to prove it because I try my best to pretend they don’t exist. I guess Britney pretends that her floppy tits aren’t floppy too, but there is a time in every woman’s life where she has to look in the mirror and take a cold hard look at her tits and realize that shit aren’t as perky as they once were and that their nipples are aiming places they are only supposed to aim after menopause or a long hard battle with obesity and it’s time to throw your hippie ideals out the window and put your feminist lesbian movement bra burning bullshit on the back burner and strap those crazy fuckers up in bra or what a call a straight jacket for out of control tits.

There’s no real reason for Britney’s tits to be so fat and sloppy. Bitch is in her 20s and may have 2 kids and like eating shitty food but usually those fuckers bounce back into action. I guess the realization of her tits acting crazier than her is what really made her step up her crazy game that landed her in the psych ward. She’s competitive like that. That’s my theory and floppy tits or not, I’d still take care of her and by take care of her I obviously mean spend her money and not give her sponge baths and gestures of love. I’m just not that kind of guy.

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