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Mariah Carey Topless on the Beach of the Day

Here are some pictures of Mariah Carey topless on the beach. She’s doing a pretty damn good job covering up her shit. She’s even strategically placed her dog and used him as a bra which leads me to wonder what else she does with her dog. Not only does the little fucker get to eat her panties, sniff her crotch and eat her tampons when she’s on the rag, watch her take a shit and get closer to her tits than you ever will, but since bitch is crazy, it’s safe to assume that dresses him up for dinner in a little tuxedo pretending he’s her date, since no guy goes near her for fear of having her have a nervous breakdown on them….but that dog just can’t say no…mainly because he can’t talk but also because he feels so luxurious….

Speaking of luxurious, I am drunk and realized that my hair is falling out. Not only am I a fat middle aged poverty case but now I am also a bald fat middle aged poverty case. It’s pretty depressing, but considering I have no self-esteem as it is, I guess it’s not a big deal….probably the same kind of feeling Mariah has when she decided to paraded around the beach like she’s 20 and this is college spring break….

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  • bizbille

    who fuckin casre about this bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!