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Juliette Lewis Has a Nipple Slip of the Day

Seeing Juliette Lewis having a nipple slip reminds me of a time this time crack whore who always refused to have sex with me had a drug overdose in her living room. I took the opportunity to pull her tit out to check out what she was packing because she never would do it intentionally. I am not all bad, I called 911 before I took advantage of her. What kind of guy do you think I am?

Here is that nipple slip pictures:

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  • louise

    That’s not a nipple, it’s the port where she’s connected during programming from L. Ron’s minions.

  • Eli

    She could be cured with some good ol’ fashioned anal.

  • aw!

    Doesn’t matter. She still looks ugly and like she needs a shower.

  • tranceman

    I think she was hot in Natural Born Killers. And I would hit it big time.

  • John

    I think she has beautiful little tits!
    I’d love to suck that cute little nipple!

  • dave

    i would love to take her from behind and cum in her arse

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