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Kim Kardashian is a Fat Chick in a Bikini…of the Day

You motherfuckers are crazy. I constantly get Kim Kardashian supporters bitching me out for saying that she has a fat ass because she eats too fucking much and doesn’t exercise, and that all you fuckers are just confusing sloth lazy over-eating fat with sexy natural booty bullshit because she doesn’t have cellulite because her fat is so compacted that the skin looks smooth, when really it’s just tryin’ to hold it all in there without exploding all over the place. It is the same reason your 300 pound beer belly is harder than Reggie Bush’s 6-pack and I think it needs to stop because I think it’s giving her an ego.

Most fat chicks swim in their t-shirts, but this bitch seems to think it’s ok to wear a bikini. She also thinks it’s ok to pose for Playboy. What bitch needs to do is spend some time with her boyfriend’s personal pro-athlete trainer, not more time thinkin’ her body is good enough to flaunt, even though I’m still checkin’ it out, but I am a easy to please. If you’ve seen my wife you’d know why.

Either way, if she doesn’t put an end to this shit now, I can guarantee 5 years from now, things are going to be fuckin’ messy, and I am not just talking about her shit stained designer panties because she can’t reach around her stomach far enough to get in between her ass and wipe properly, I am talking about her whole fuckin’ body is going to be consumed in disgusting. I guess the good news for her is that she is rich enough to hire someone to wipe for her, and I would rather be doing that for work, than doing it here on my wife for free a couple of times a day.

I guess there will always be dudes who like fat chicks and fat chicks in training and here are the pictures to look back on when you see her being craned out of her house for an episode of Oprah in a few years while she’s pushing 700 lbs and some of you will still be jerkin’ off to her big ol’ ass, but that’s because you’re a sick fuck.

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    I would titty fuck her, but she has been ruined by the black men.

  • That’s our future first lady and the most stylish one since Jackie O and with a much hotter rack and bus!

  • And fuck your Kim hating bullshit you stupid Mexican fool — Hillary’s not going to make you a citizen no matter what she promises.

  • allen45245

    If the Bum gets elected and wants to move fat ass in, he will have to call his buddy Omar the tentmaker in Irag to get a dress for her. Or even better let the bitch wear a bikini to the White House Ball!

  • Why the fuck does this need explaining? Kim Kardash has a fever, and the only medicine is more big black dick. And you know how you get the black python? Get a big fat ass. Shit man, simple science.

  • she is a fucking fat nasty disgusting fake plastic whore.

    anyone that would fuck this would fuck ANYTHING with huge tits…

    “it has a penis? well does it have HUGE TITS? YES!! i dont care about the dick and balls!!!!”

    “it has the face of a man? Well does it have HUGE TITS? YES!!! i dont care if im looking into Borat’s face”

    you people, like JM said, ARE SICK FUCKS if you think shes hot.

    to each his own, but be serious, shes got enough cottage cheese on that ass and thighs to give Breakstones a run for the money.

    im sorry, but i like my women in proportion, a female face and not ridden with STDS….

    everything Jesus said, is 100% spot on, and i for one agree with what he said.

  • meltz911

    Bet she smells like pork rinds, lotion, and toe jam.

  • monkey

    i know black dudes like the big white ass but how can he bare to look at the cellulite ridden blubber ass bounce around as he does her from behind.

  • James

    She looks so yummy. I would give my paycheck just to rub her booty.

  • Feel it

    Listen to all you small-dick white boys! Funny!

  • stephanie

    you all are lame for thinkin shes fat. do u kno how many girls stick their fingers down their throat because of assholes like u. she has a nice body yall are jus mad cuz u cant hit that. and if she was fat and nasty do u think she would have been asked to pose for playboy…no. shes gorgeous and u people need to find something better to do then to make fun of people with a little extra skin because i bet u all are hideous and fat.why dont u look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if u think ur hot. id say no but shes cute so leave her alone.

  • HillarySupporter

    Women must stand behind other women because us lesbians must stick together. In Kim’s case you are forced to stand FAR behind her but regardless “girl power” rulez.

  • Good lord

    Oh right. She’s fat, and all you saying that she is fat are just propogating a negative steriotype to make girls think that they need to dress in skin tight clothes and be thin enough to see their ribs and look like a fuckin twig. Get a grip guys, it’s normal and any single one of you guys would love having a girl like that. But beyond that, how many of you are overweight single guys who think that they have any right to call her fat? Get real douchebags.

  • prezident Hillary Clinton

    I like Kim Kardashian as long as she don’t speak. They say the bigger the baggage the more you can stuff it – but who wants to carry that shit around?

  • prezident Hillary Clinton

    She a lazy bitch, too. If you got a fattie, you gotta ride cock.

  • good lord – i’m not the fat chick in a bikini – i think Kim is giving girls the wrong idea and propagating negative “steriotypes”


  • Ari

    She’s a lazy, rich bitch who’s having fun with them ugly niggers. And not all of them have big dicks. So you black idiots, sTFU.

  • uh, yeah, the fact that i AM a fat single guy makes me all the more qualified to call WhoreRaat The Wildebeast fat….cause if i KNOW im fat, and i can acknowledge it, which i am doing….i am more than qualified to judge other peoples fat disgusting ness.

    whats funny is, i am FAT, but i dont looks HALF as disgusting as her…

    and, lets just say anyones “Setreo type” about what i am was right, its NOT, but lets just assume…

    what does it say then if a middle aged fat single guy who lives in his parents basement wouldnt hit this nasty fat disgusting fake plastic whore with my shitty 20 year old car?

    oh yeah…shes fucking disgusting.

    and ill say it YET AGAIN….even if she DIDNT have the face of a fucking MAN…hence WhoreRaat….since she looks like Borat, but shes a WHORE?…there is NO WAY id EVER touch this whore cause her body is so disgustingly disproportionate is ridiculous.

    for the record, on my top 10 list..Kate Winslett is 3rd. last time i checked, she was think….but look at Winslett and look at WhoreRaat….Kate’s body is IN proportion…WhoreRaats is NOT.

    and for teh record, if me being an asshole forces this fat disgusting bitch to cry on her pile of millions to the point SHE starts sticking fingers down her throat…when shed find time to do it ANYWAYS since shes always got a fucking cock in her mouth, hey maybe thats why she IS fat and NOT anorexic?…..it would make me a happy man. lets just make sure this fat nasty bitch winds up being more anorexic than the Kendall Twins did.

  • larry toast

    Don’t worry, her nigger lovin ways will get her in some sort of trouble. Pregnant and single or she’ll be on Maury trying to find who da baby daddy be. Never the less, may she die for choosing the dirty, worthless negro.

  • larry toast

    Oh and by the way, fuck that half breed muslim obama and fuck that dumb smiling cunt hilary. If you fuckin robots actually believe that either one of these plastic fucks can run this country then you’re in for a scary surprise. The only person who HAS any experience and has PROOF for being for the people is Ron Paul. But you gay ass mother fuckers only see a”black man” and a drunken ex cocaine user cunt who was for the war and , oh wait, now im not for the war! Come on stupid bitch. Get back in the kitchen where you belong. And as for you mr. obama, what have you done? Oh sure you speak proper, and your loud mouth bitch wife is always yammering about being “proud “of her country. Proud of what? The fact that if you’re an immigrant you prosper, have everything givin to you? Fuck all of you border jumping trash. Hey guess what? Because of the policies of this country a group of smelly towel heads were able to take flying lessons, learn to just fly(not take off, not land??!!) and fly jets into buildings…and you know the rest. RON PAUL WILL STOP THIS.

  • Molecule

    wow. people are insane. she’s has a great body. her abs and legs have nice definition in them and has a beautiful overall shape.


  • johnmccain

    Thank god she got those implants (along w/the nose-job) after high school, otherwise she’d be considered OBESE!


  • Fuck john mccain as well. Tell me, what has he done for this country?Wait let me rephrase that, what has he done for us”the people”………………………………………………………….nothing but spend, tax, spend,tax,spend,tax,UNDERSTAND YOU FUCKIN ROBOTS??

  • cracker

    She is a mudshark!!!

  • Jena

    Racist bastards! All this nigger this and nigger that! Being black makes someone a bad person? It makes someone worthless? Step outside your small minds for a sec. And for Kim, Jus because she doesnt have the body of a 2 year old boy then she’s fat. Aww fukk off. Racist assholes. Ur wives are probably looking at Kim wishing they could look half as good. Get a life and stop worshipping this two bit website.

  • Eeat Mee

    Man this fucking nobody just cant stay away from the niggers huh? Fucking brotha lova skank cunt. Her body is tight but just knowing she lowered herself to sleep with an ape turns me off.

  • Good man!

  • And jena, shut up and go douche. The way you’re standing up for this pig, it sounds like you have eaten black cock so go die as well.

  • loool you people are soo pathetic!

    o its too easy to chat crap behind the comfort of your computer screen but lets face it kim has a nice shape and she is a hell of alot better than ANY girl you have ever dated, married, marry or date. so continue being negative towards celebrities you are jealous of, while you try to burn off that excess weight that’s going nowhere. But do try not to sweat yourself dry when you are frantically typing jealous crap into the keyboard eager to release that self-hate in form of an ignorant tirade against people who don’t even care if you are breathing or not

    o yeah lets do try to change the record with ‘nigger’ you guys are getting really boring, and your blatant ignorance and pathetic attempts to stir up a response are really childish, outdated. so stop hating on the blacks just because your dicks are small, and you have hideous bodies and small brains living insignificant lives

  • To the retard above. It’s funny how the same rebuttal is used by you jigs, always whity’s dick am small. While a big dick may be good for porno movies it really has no significance in the real world. Have you ever watched that ass wipe Maurey Povich? Ever seen the paternity test shows? 90% of the guests are unemployed negros. The rest are fat nigger loving white trash cunts. That’s what you fuckin apes are all about. “Who am my baby daddy?” Lord have mercy who be my baby daddy?” “When it comes to 5 month old Zyleekwa, Jamall, you are the father” If it was’nt for you animals acting the way you do, he would’nt have a show. Do me a favor, go rent american history x.

  • TruthCalling

    Dude calm down and BREATH your taking this silly shit waaaay to personally. First off, If you’re getting your knowledge about other races from Maurey Povich (or Jerry Springer, etc) your already using some bad research gathering techniques. Secondly, if your going to call them racist names don’t be surprised when they make fun of you for having a small dick. Third, just remember the big scary Negroes aren’t going to get you! They might FUCK your sister, mother, wife, daughter, but you should be fine…unless you go to jail. Seriously I’m sure their might even be a few white women who don’t like big ol’ black dicks, BUT you will have to actually leave your computer in your double wide trailer to find some, and pretend NOT to be a manic racist might help (unless she’s into that shit if so rock on). But honestly, even if Kim only dated white guys its not like any of you would have a chance at nailing her I mean get real. All of you miss an important point she just doesn’t date black guys, she dates black guys with money, and cash trumps any color or ethnic status I don’t care what your pappy told you at the clan rally. GREEN is the most important color in the U.S. and that’s the truth!

  • Ha ha,thems fightin words colored feller. I do leave my computer bitch. Don’t live in a trailer. But if i had to choose between that graffittii walled, condemed slum your’re filthy,bastard child producing ass lived in or a trailer surrounded by drunk,toothless freaks,, i’de choose the latter.Because they are’nt killing one another over turf to sell drugs in..ape. Oh and it’s klan ya retard, and im not in it. If i were to join any minority hating group it certainly would’nt be the klan.

  • Turbo Tune

    Don’t worry larry, im with ya. Not as extreme but i understand what you’re screamin about. I see this shit all day driving a truck. A hot looking white girl driving her car, and next to her? Her black boyfriend. With the seat all laid back like he’s 8 foot tall, no job havin lazy fuck. Just watch the show cops sometime…..you’ll see!

  • I don’t care anymore, fuck who ya want…just lower the price of gas.

  • jt

    shes a dirty and loose bytch

  • loool you people are soo pathetic!

    nice to see you got all that anguish out, loooool keep on generalising people and have a great day!

  • Punkrockgirlsouth

    Eat more cock loool

  • michael

    loool needs to shut up and eat more cock

  • HollyHood

    No matter what you racist fools say, these to rock together. They were so cute on Keeping With The Kardashians a couple weeks ago.

  • SGeldean

    Kim looks like a regular woman, what is the fuss!

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