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Lindsay Lohan’s Got Some Booty of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Lohan isn’t my internet girlfriend anymore, I’ve moved on from her like everyone else has. I just don’t find her worth harassing anymore and she hasn’t really been that responsive to my emails, phone calls or myspace messages and she’s not very hot. I thought she would be my meal ticket, but I just can’t have this one-way relationship anymore and I have given up.

Last week I reached out to her Lesbian cock on Facebook and she never responded to me so in memory of a Lohan that was once worth fuckin and who was once going to be the girl who makes me relevant, here are some pictures of her from the side in a pair of tight pants that show off her booty. Since I am a fan of booty and tight pants pants are the reason I leave my house and hang out at college campuses like I am the dirty professor until security escorts me out for propositioning random girls to pose naked for me in my art class I don’t actually teach, here’s Lohan’s ass doing good things proving that sometimes weight gain is a good thing since Lohan never had a good ass, the problem with weight gain is that it never stops when the tits and ass are full, and it’s never too long before the stomach and rest of her follows their lead.

See the Images Here

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  • Donkey Punch

    She looks just like any ordinary lesbian junkie.

  • i havent moved on from LiLo yet….i still think shes kinda hot, but teh fact shes psycho……makes her REAL hot……

  • susietrey

    what happend?

  • wtf

    Well, it looks like the agencies are bitching about this blog using their pictures. It is fucking hilarious thought that all these paparazzi agencies are now sending out invoices to these blogs for thousand of dollars (see the post after this one) and not even telling the guys who run them what pictures they supposedly used that requires them to pa all this money. Also, how great is it that paparazzi are now expecting bloggers to follow the laws about copyright and shit when most of them are caught in each other’s photos breaking numerous laws trying to get a picture of some celebrity doing anything. I have seen plenty of photos taken by these guys that have a few to a few dozen other guys blocking cars to get shots. If I was standing in front of someone’s car trying to take a picture of them and wouldn’t let them by where I live, I’d be arrested in like 2 seconds flat.

    Besides, it is retarded that you could expect a copyright protection on a photo that you have taken of someone without their permission. Especially when every damn magazine out there has to get a release form signed before publishing pictures of people or they risk facing lawsuits for printing the pics. Hell, even people videoing in public for anything they may want to sell are expected to get a release form from every single person that may have gotten in s shot. If they don’t they have to blur the faces or they may face lawsuits as well.

    I can see the magazines and places like that that are paying the celebs for taking the pictures bitching about not being paid for the use of their pictures, but I have seen a lot of times most of the bigger mags will grant permission to publish a couple of the pics in a blog if they are just asked first.

    Sorry this was so long, I just thought I’d share my thoughts on the stupidity shown by some groups of people. Besides, I didn’t see this entry until the pics had already been removed, but I found them elsewhere and thought it was ridiculous considering Lohan didn’t really want her picture taken by the guy who took the ones this site was asked to remove. She was trying to hide her face in most of them. But yet, bloggers should respect the wishes of this guys agency and others like them and give them a big fat check or not use the photos (which if it was just a “regular” person being photographed, they would be used in only one way…as evidence in the trial for stalking and harassment).

  • mr-plow

    fuck all those cocksuckers! leave our beloved jesus alone