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Michelle Trachtenberg’s Jewish Girl Outfit of the Day

Since being hacked, I can’t upload images but had these ones already uploaded last week but never posted them because they suck. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to revisit last week, when Michelle Trachtenberg was on the set of Gossip Girl because I guess she landed a job, finally.

The reason I bothered with this pictures in the first place was because I had a feeling you are one of those virgin losers who loves Buffy and I was trying to make fun of you but realized it wasn’t funny and still isn’t so I backburnered the shit. I guess I could talk about her Jewish Outfit of the Day but since she’s Jewish, it’s just standard uniform and would be like making fun of a cop for dressing in a cop uniform or an arab for wearing his bed sheets.

I guess until I get the site up, this is the best I can do for you. Deal with it.

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  • LOL i might be a loser but im no Virgin….

    and i might have to start Downloading, Gossip Girl cause the thought of MIchelle Trachtenberg and Leighton Meester together is, well, very exciting….

  • Nathiest

    whats with the dildo around her neck?

  • kaly

    wow…she’s cute…I saw her many fans on ” Tallmeet.c om ” she’s love to hang around there some times ..I saw her profile few moments ago..u should check it out..

  • Donkey Punch

    Euro Trip for the win.

  • “whats with the dildo around her neck?”

    see and i was gonna ask Whats with the dildo on her arm in picture 3?

  • Felchinator

    She killed Christ.

  • Michelle Trachtenberg is one of the prettiest girl i have ever seen.