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Michelle Trachtenberg’s Jewish Girl Outfit of the Day

Since being hacked, I can’t upload images but had these ones already uploaded last week but never posted them because they suck. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to revisit last week, when Michelle Trachtenberg was on the set of Gossip Girl because I guess she landed a job, finally.

The reason I bothered with this pictures in the first place was because I had a feeling you are one of those virgin losers who loves Buffy and I was trying to make fun of you but realized it wasn’t funny and still isn’t so I backburnered the shit. I guess I could talk about her Jewish Outfit of the Day but since she’s Jewish, it’s just standard uniform and would be like making fun of a cop for dressing in a cop uniform or an arab for wearing his bed sheets.

I guess until I get the site up, this is the best I can do for you. Deal with it.

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Kate Hudson Jewish Outfit of the Day

Here are some pictures of Kate Hudson dressed like every 18 year old Jewish girl I see at my local Starbucks. I’ve been pretty off on calling out Jewish Outfits of the Day in the past, but this one seems pretty legit. She’s got the leggings and the oversized shirt and that’s the kind of effort a lazy spoiled jewish girl who doesn’t care about sex appeal during the day because she’s always got jewish guys trying to get her to suck their horny dicks not matter how lazy she’s dressed. I figure it’s got something to do with this group mentality and security that comes when all your friends are going out in shit they should only be wearing in the privacy of their home or to bed then why shouldn’t they. I blame camp.

I guess the good news for them is that whenever these jewish girls go out on the town, they get as dolled up as they can by getting their hair done and a designer dress on, to drink Grey Goose and dance on bars before going home with their jewish neighbor who they’ve known since they were 5 and end up suckin’ their dick in the car their parents bought them for their 16th birthday because they can’t do it at home or their parents will catch them. Even though everyone will find out the next day and talk about it on facebook. So the life lesson of the day is to stay away from a jewish girl during the day.

Either way, I don’t understand why this Kate Hudson bitch didn’t get more shit for driving her drug addicted Owen Wilson to suicide, that emotional trauma she gave him put him over the edge and from what I’ve been told, the emotional abuse I give my wife is still grounds for getting me locked up even though I’ve never hit her….I guess life’s not really fair.

I can only blame her Coolio gangster paradise dealer disguised as a middle aged women for the life of crime and lesbianism she’s living. I’ve seen hip hop videos and the only motherfuckers allowed to rock one pant leg hiked up is gangsters and every suburban white kid in over-sized clothes who thinks he’s a gangster while drivng around in his mom’s Lexus truck like he bought the shit with money he made hustlin’

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I am – Lindsay and Ali Lohan in Jewish Outfits of the Day

Here are some pictures of Lohan and Little Lohan wearing Jewish outfits of the day like they were Jewish, but the reality is that the Jewish outfit of the day isn’t only for Jewish people anymore and has slowly and secretly worked its way into the mainstream

It’s come to a point where you can’t tell a Jewish Outfit of the day apart from non-Jewish outfit of the day and they seem to be everywhere you look. It’s like Nazi Germany all over again, only instead of gas chambering people because they became too powerful, we’ll have to gas chamber leggings and over-sized shirts and stupid boots to put an end to the takeover,

For the record, I think that’s a bad idea, because unlike Jews, Jewish outfits bring good to the world and don’t hoard all their money in hypo-alergenic mattress after ripping non-Jews off, but instead is the closest thing a girl can be to being pantless and shows off her legs, ass and even mound, whether 13 or 35 and that’s a Jewish Christmas miracle that lasts all year.

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