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Billie Piper Topless Beach Pictures of the Day

Billie Piper was the Miley Cyrus of her generation in the UK. I know nothing about her, but she had some number 1 songs in 1997 when she was 15 and I guess she never really made it all that big because instead of continuing her career she went and got married to some older guy radio host who she divorced to re-marry the weird lookin’ dude she’s with in these pictures.

The word is that she’s pregnant and that would explain why her tits look like shit and she should worry about covering them up instead of getting them some sun, but I guess if she had that attitude she probably would have never got into that whole mess that ruins your body called pregnancy in the first place.

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  • haha…..cool““

  • harry

    OMG, what is she doing?????????? She didn’t wear bra!!!!! sos sexy!!!! ANd that is just her stock in trade. Once I found her sexy photos and profile on a dating community called M E E T I N G W E A L T H Y dot com. It is said she is dating millionaire there. I hope I can find her there.

  • HornyLohanWanker

    Harry, your a cum guzzler.

  • She is (or was) in the new Doctor Who series from the BBC. In the series she looks nice. What happen?!

  • a.b.

    yawn…isn’t it getting tiresome to slag off female celebrities? there’s nothing wrong with her figure, and moreover, being pregnant doesn’t ‘ruin’ your body — what a cruel and unpleasant thing to say…

  • Sprmcandy

    Thats ok.

  • Mike

    Billie Piper is just so gorgeous !!!!! I mean even the word gorgeous is an understatement!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Panther6170

    Mike wouid u like to suck on her fat tits?