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Never Too Late For This Billie Piper Huge Nipple Shit of the Day

I don’t know how I missed this shit, actually I do, because it is fucking gross and because I have no idea who the fuck Billie Piper is, but look at that fucking nipple. If I was a chick, that would be enough evidence to opt for the abortion, I mean along with everything else that comes with pregnancy, like annoying kids who rob you of your money and your life. I guess the fun that lies ahead for Billie Piper is seeing how fat he gets considering he’s being fed out of a fucking garden hose. Seriously, if those nipples were any bigger, they’d be slowly creeping up her fucking neck and is far less sexy than all the times I’ve watched these new age mom’s in coffee shops and bus shelters feed their little parasites, but I guess the reason for those boners was the whole idea of being a peeping pervert. Either way, here are those pics, even though you’ve probably seen them, but I figure with nipples that big, you’d need a couple of days to see the whole thing, kinda like traveling China.

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Billie Piper Topless Beach Pictures of the Day

Billie Piper was the Miley Cyrus of her generation in the UK. I know nothing about her, but she had some number 1 songs in 1997 when she was 15 and I guess she never really made it all that big because instead of continuing her career she went and got married to some older guy radio host who she divorced to re-marry the weird lookin’ dude she’s with in these pictures.

The word is that she’s pregnant and that would explain why her tits look like shit and she should worry about covering them up instead of getting them some sun, but I guess if she had that attitude she probably would have never got into that whole mess that ruins your body called pregnancy in the first place.

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I am – Billie Piper Side Boob and Near Nip-Slip of the Day

Billie Piper

I got home in the wee hours from my make-out and martini bender (i already told you about it). I decided I should probably put a lil something in the belly because I don’t want ulcers (my Korean ex-roomate got ulcers from being a party-slut legend on both sides of the ocean). Since I was fucking wrecked and could barely walk straight, I thought the boy shorts I use as underwear were a fine choice for running out into the street and stumbling into the bodega a block away (seriously, these shorts shrunk so much in the wash they can’t even pass as daisy dukes). I also thought the T-shirt I sleep in didn’t need a bra, even though it’s so old it’s see-through.

Me and my camel-toe bought some wheat thins. I could tell the Chinese dude behind the counter was a little shocked, not by the fact that i was half naked and nippley, but by the fact that i wasn’t buying a 40 of Corona, which is what i usually do when i visit his fine cash-only shit-shack. I lost a $2 flip-flop on the way home, but didn’t care since a shoe that can’t stay on my foot when I am hammered isn’t worth having. I don’t mind going partially barefoot because i don’t mind riding bareback, which i plan on doing this weekend, and you just might get to hear about it.

This morning i arrived an hour late to work and threw up in the bathroom. This party slut diet is working wonders, but i hate puking. I am still feeling a little drunk and hungover, but at least I remembered to button my shirt before i showed up to work, unlike this Brit actress Billie Piper on the set of her new movie (whatever that is). Billie was Rose Tyler on “Doctor Who.” Now go fantasize about playing doctor with Billie. Imagine giving her a breast exam.

Obediently yours,
Sugar Nell (ex-hooker, friend of Jesus)


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