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Never Too Late For This Billie Piper Huge Nipple Shit of the Day

I don’t know how I missed this shit, actually I do, because it is fucking gross and because I have no idea who the fuck Billie Piper is, but look at that fucking nipple. If I was a chick, that would be enough evidence to opt for the abortion, I mean along with everything else that comes with pregnancy, like annoying kids who rob you of your money and your life. I guess the fun that lies ahead for Billie Piper is seeing how fat he gets considering he’s being fed out of a fucking garden hose. Seriously, if those nipples were any bigger, they’d be slowly creeping up her fucking neck and is far less sexy than all the times I’ve watched these new age mom’s in coffee shops and bus shelters feed their little parasites, but I guess the reason for those boners was the whole idea of being a peeping pervert. Either way, here are those pics, even though you’ve probably seen them, but I figure with nipples that big, you’d need a couple of days to see the whole thing, kinda like traveling China.

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