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Julie Bowen’s Breast Feeding Picture of the Day

George Lopez aired this picture of Julie Bowen from Modern Family breast feeding her twins….because he is a cable show and I guess they are allowed to get away with that kind of thing…despite seeing two leeches sucking the life out of a breast being disgusting to me….but for some reason thought to be beautiful to mom’s around the world cuz nurturing alien looking things after bringing them to the world is something they think is so fucking amazing despite almost every pussy having a window of opportunity where they are capabale of doing the same fucking thing,

It’s like being so proud of your shit that you out of the toilet and dry it out and show it to your neighbors cuz you’re proud, because we all have the fucking capacity to do the shit, some of us ust don’t choose to do it….so there’s no need to fucking brag….

It’s like making babies makes fucking egos…like they think cuz they care so much about it, the rest of the world will, and really I have no problem with a bitch showing off tit under any context or circustance…and that’s part of the reason I take every opportunity I get to watch girls who breast feed in public with deep fucking interest….like enough interest to make them feel uncomfortable when they notice me staring at them, which opens the window for me to say something like “this is such a beautiful sight, it represents life, you are so lucky to be able to do this, it is like your calling in life as a mother” and they usually smile and let me watch til they finish.

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Wendy Williams Makes Me Laugh While She Cries About Being a Failure of a Mother of the Day

Wendy Williams is some radio host who they decided to give a TV show to, despite having the body and face for fuckin’ radio. I hate that expression and I know it is dated cuz no one listens to the radio anymore and there are a whole lot of ugly people on TV, but when we are forced to look at her manly fuckin’ face, it takes from whatever she’s saying and the good news is that in this clip from her pretty new show, she’s starts crying about how inadequate she felt as a mother for not breast feeding, cuz she was confused by the concepts, since it was not natural for her to know what to do, since she’s a fuckin’ dude and she even admits she has implants, the titty choice of most transgendered people, making me think her pregancy was more of a smuggling a baby in from some third world country and that who gaining 197 lbs and being bed ridden was just to make the whole thing more dramatic and believable….Either way, I love laughing at other people’s misfortunes especially when they are so clearly for fuckin’ ratings. Wendy Williams…you are garbage.

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Some 8-Limbed Baby Sucking Tit of the Day

For some reason India’s got some fucked up gene that I don’t really understand because I am not a doctor or scientist, but it makes some of their babies come out of the womb with 8 limbs. I figure it’s got to do with overpopulation, pollution and inbreeding. I know that in other cultures when a baby is born with 8 limbs, they either amputate the shit fast, before the neighbors find out, or leave the mutant in the dumpster, because it’s fucking scary but for these Indians it is some kind of honor.

I saw these pictures of the 8 limbed thing sucking on some tit and unfortunately my love for tits overrode how creepy this shit is and figured I had to share it with you, because sucking tit is nature’s way of teaching us at a young age how important tits are. Breast feeding is first event that leads to us determining a woman’s worth by the size of her tits, which pretty much fuels the plastic surgery industry and self esteem issues that have got me laid so many times before.

Either way, check out this weirdness.

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Never Too Late For This Billie Piper Huge Nipple Shit of the Day

I don’t know how I missed this shit, actually I do, because it is fucking gross and because I have no idea who the fuck Billie Piper is, but look at that fucking nipple. If I was a chick, that would be enough evidence to opt for the abortion, I mean along with everything else that comes with pregnancy, like annoying kids who rob you of your money and your life. I guess the fun that lies ahead for Billie Piper is seeing how fat he gets considering he’s being fed out of a fucking garden hose. Seriously, if those nipples were any bigger, they’d be slowly creeping up her fucking neck and is far less sexy than all the times I’ve watched these new age mom’s in coffee shops and bus shelters feed their little parasites, but I guess the reason for those boners was the whole idea of being a peeping pervert. Either way, here are those pics, even though you’ve probably seen them, but I figure with nipples that big, you’d need a couple of days to see the whole thing, kinda like traveling China.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Talks About Her Milky Tits of the Day

I saw this clip of Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View earlier today….they were talking about the pregnant man, who is legally a man, but technically a woman, because motherfucker has a pussy and uterus and gets her period and shit, and to me that makes him a her. I mean, If I can stick my dick in its bearded, mastectomy titty vagina, no matter how dry the fuckin’ thing is, or how much bigger his clit is than my dick, and bitch can get pregnant, despite the emotional and psychological damage it would do to me, she’s still a fucking woman. I don’t care what doctors or the law have to say about it, it’s just a loophole to get gay married….

Anyway, to perpetuate this weirdness of dude getting pregnant to be the father of his baby, the “mother” in the relationship’s been breast feeding the kid, despite how that makes no scientific sense, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck chimes in to say that when she was pregnant and saw other babies….she’d feel her titties fill up with milk….and that makes her a slut. A really weird slut who gets off on having random babies suck her tits, and I figured you’d like that because you are into sex offenders, since you are one.

Either way, here’s a song from Beyonce performing on Oprah, that she wrote for this weird extreme lesbian couple…..and their kid who is going to be totally fucked up when he accidentally sees daddy in the motherfuckin’ shower….

Scroll to 2:20, that’s how I feel about you…I’m doing that same gesture as I type this. Fucker.

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Angelina Jolie Breast Feeding on the Cover of W Magazine of the Day

W Magazine was rumored to have pictures of Angelina Jolie Breast Feeding that were taken by Brad Pitt for the cover of their latest issue. I don’t have all the pictures and I have just seen the cover by that shit is not breast feeding. Breast feeding is what I suggest I do to 18 year old girls on a regular basis for them to practice motherhood, so that when they get knocked up later in life, they will know what to expect. Breast feeding is what all these mom’s in the rich neighborhood near me do when they go to the Coffee Shop for their maternity leave luncheons that I don’t get invited to, but still take part in as I listen to them compare baby stories competitively and pull out their tits to get me turned on. Breast feeding is something that I see relatively often and get busted for staring inappropriately at, but it’s definitely not going on in these pictures. I consider myself an expert on the subject, so that my friend, is fact and you can quote me on it…..the other thing you can quote is that Brad Pitt’s idea of personal intimate pictures fucking sucks and unless there’s something penetrating that stretched out twin bearing pussy, I feel ripped off, but I am not sure how to quote that….

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