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Some Vagina at Some Event I Wasn’t Invited To of the Day

Every once in a while I like to look at pictures of bitches at events I wasn’t invited to because after 6 years of running a bullshit site about celebrities I hate, why would I get invited to Hollywood events like I was Perez Hilton….because I don’t matter and as far as I’m concerned, either do these bitches….but they think they do…and I guess that significant difference is what sets us apart..I mean that and the fact that you want to have sex with their tits, or at least see them naked….even if you may not know who any of them are…F-List….but more important than any of us….depressing to some…but all right to me…cuz I hate getting off the couch anyway….and wouldn’t attend their event if they paid me…so there…

Maria Canals

Abigail Spencer See Through

Kristin Cavalari

Mena Suvari

Julie Bowen

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Julie Bowen’s Breast Feeding Picture of the Day

George Lopez aired this picture of Julie Bowen from Modern Family breast feeding her twins….because he is a cable show and I guess they are allowed to get away with that kind of thing…despite seeing two leeches sucking the life out of a breast being disgusting to me….but for some reason thought to be beautiful to mom’s around the world cuz nurturing alien looking things after bringing them to the world is something they think is so fucking amazing despite almost every pussy having a window of opportunity where they are capabale of doing the same fucking thing,

It’s like being so proud of your shit that you out of the toilet and dry it out and show it to your neighbors cuz you’re proud, because we all have the fucking capacity to do the shit, some of us ust don’t choose to do it….so there’s no need to fucking brag….

It’s like making babies makes fucking egos…like they think cuz they care so much about it, the rest of the world will, and really I have no problem with a bitch showing off tit under any context or circustance…and that’s part of the reason I take every opportunity I get to watch girls who breast feed in public with deep fucking interest….like enough interest to make them feel uncomfortable when they notice me staring at them, which opens the window for me to say something like “this is such a beautiful sight, it represents life, you are so lucky to be able to do this, it is like your calling in life as a mother” and they usually smile and let me watch til they finish.

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Julie Bowen’s Weird Ass Paddle Surfs of the Day

Julie Bowen, a woman I had never heard of until a week ago because I don’t watch TV, has been confusing me the last week by wearing her bikini on the beach and forcing me to post on her.

I don’t find her hot, I don’t find her interesting, and now she’s doing the stupidest activity you can possibly do on the beach, but I feel obligated to put these because a woman in a bikini, no matter how old or disgusting is still a woman in a bikini and that’s always something semi-interesting even if it really isn’t….

I am actually pretty bitter about bikinis today, I read somewhere that it is spring break, which means that somewhere college kids are waking up and puking in the pool, only to head back to their hotel room later today to fuck multiple drunk chicks in bikinis, cuz everyone’s horny on spring break and I’m not….

Pics via PacificCoastNews and
Pics via Bauer

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Julie Bowen’s Weird Ass in a Weird Bikini of the Day

Here is some middle-aged pussy on the beach in Hawaii becuase they are shooting her TV show there and her ass looks pretty fucking weird in this weird bikini. I don’t have anything more to say about this because it is Friday, no one is reading the site and no one really cares about this this bitch…or her weird ass in a weird bikini.

But she made up for it with her tits…

Pics via PacificCoastNews
Pics via Bauer

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Julie Bowen Bikini Pictures of the Day

Her name is Julie Bowen, I’ve never heard of her, she’s on a show called Modern Family, I don’t watch TV, so I’ve never seen the show and these pictures of her in a bikini don’t really excite me enough to find a TV to watch, because whenever I do have to watch a show, like the Oscars, I always end up at my weird older neighbor’s couch because he enjoys the company, never says know but smells like urine and feces and is a lot of work to deal with, cuz dude’s got serious fucking issues, like spontaneous erections he feels the need to show off to me and freakouts that involve him screaming at his reflection in the window in another language or really obscure conversations about really inappropriate shit like raping women in his youth and the time he fucked his neighbor’s dog to death cuz it wouldn’t stop barking and a whole lot of other shit I wish was a lie, even though you could make a pretty funny movie on him. Needless to say, I try my best to avoid the shit….and this Julie Bowen isn’t really making me want to put up with bullshit, even though I have a thing for older ladies in bikinis and spend half my day on Facebook trying to find 40 year old mom’s to fuck, but Bowen’s not quite where I need her to be to put up with bullshit to watch her in action, but since I have no standards and you probably don’t either, we might as well look at pictures of her in a bikini, cuz let’s face it, there’s no much else goin’ on today…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Julie Bowen Talks To Kimmel About Her Tits of the Day

I just woke up like the lazy homeless motherfucker I am, I think it’s gotta do with drinking, because when I go out I don’t hear a fuckin’ thing until I wake up with the biggest fuckin migraine. Life passes me before my eyes and that’s ok by me because it’s not all that fun anyway. Maybe if I didn’t pass out on the floor at 6 am, I’d be more likely to wake up at the crack of dawn and be the early bird catching the worm, but I was never a huge fan of worms, I was always a little more into pussy.

Either way, that means I do a lazy video post to start the day on the site and maybe the day in Hawaii or some shit where it’s 7 am right now, while all you other fuckers are coming in from lunch. That’s part of the reason that the unemployed are my target market that have limited expectations out of me.

So this video is with some bitch I don’t know named Julie Bowen, I don’t think I have ever heard of, which isn’t a testament to how shitty Kimmel’s show is, but more a testament to how I am in the wrong line of websites but she’s talking about her tits in what is probably the least sexy way and about how she’s pumps her baby milk filled tits while driving, something that would make a much better video than this, but I’m too lazy and poverty stricken to make happen.

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