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Julie Bowen’s Weird Ass Paddle Surfs of the Day

Julie Bowen, a woman I had never heard of until a week ago because I don’t watch TV, has been confusing me the last week by wearing her bikini on the beach and forcing me to post on her.

I don’t find her hot, I don’t find her interesting, and now she’s doing the stupidest activity you can possibly do on the beach, but I feel obligated to put these because a woman in a bikini, no matter how old or disgusting is still a woman in a bikini and that’s always something semi-interesting even if it really isn’t….

I am actually pretty bitter about bikinis today, I read somewhere that it is spring break, which means that somewhere college kids are waking up and puking in the pool, only to head back to their hotel room later today to fuck multiple drunk chicks in bikinis, cuz everyone’s horny on spring break and I’m not….

Pics via PacificCoastNews and
Pics via Bauer

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