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Some 8-Limbed Baby Sucking Tit of the Day

For some reason India’s got some fucked up gene that I don’t really understand because I am not a doctor or scientist, but it makes some of their babies come out of the womb with 8 limbs. I figure it’s got to do with overpopulation, pollution and inbreeding. I know that in other cultures when a baby is born with 8 limbs, they either amputate the shit fast, before the neighbors find out, or leave the mutant in the dumpster, because it’s fucking scary but for these Indians it is some kind of honor.

I saw these pictures of the 8 limbed thing sucking on some tit and unfortunately my love for tits overrode how creepy this shit is and figured I had to share it with you, because sucking tit is nature’s way of teaching us at a young age how important tits are. Breast feeding is first event that leads to us determining a woman’s worth by the size of her tits, which pretty much fuels the plastic surgery industry and self esteem issues that have got me laid so many times before.

Either way, check out this weirdness.

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I am – I am – Juliette Lewis is a Rabid Hipster Lesbian Performing of the Day


Here are some pictures of Juliette Lewis playing with her band. She looks like some ravaged lesbian ready to bite off any cock that comes her way. I don’t understand what the fuck she’s doing but I can only assume it’s because of drugs.

I have been running this website for a long time and when I first started the internet was almost the wild west. I didn’t get in on it in the 90s like I should of because then maybe I’d have more than 10 readers, but I did get into it before all the mainstream corporations started buying everyone up.

The reason I got into the internet was because I knew going to Hollywood or NYC to launch some kind of career in Entertainment would never happen as a 35 year old, poor mexican. I would get doors slammed in my face because I don’t look the part, my shit’s too racy, my jokes aren’t obvious or that good. I knew that I could reach an audience of people this way. I didn’t want to be censored, I didn’t want to conform and I didn’t really have the money or way to make it happen and I wasn’t that talented to do it any other way. But I do have something to say and I can say it here without being controlled or told what to do and I am not doing it for the money, I am doing it because I have nothing better to do.

In the past few years, mainstream media realized that people were on the computer all day at work and not at home watching TV, they realized that all the eyeballs they had were disappearing because of the internet and they have been finding ways to take it over. Sites are being bought up everyday and eventually all the biggest sites online will be owned by big companies who also own your cable companies, TV channels, magazines, newspapers. It’s all about controlling information and advertising revenue.

It was bound to happen and people with deep pockets can still do what they want, they still have control over policy and it’s in the government’s best interest to shut down people who are saying shit they don’t want said and that’s when shit like DMCA acts come into effect making digital copies of copyright material illegal to post. That’s why I get hit up with emails from lawyers and Cease and Desist orders all the fucking time now, when I never did before. That’s why Perez Hilton is being sued hard and will probably end up losing the fight because the system is in place to work for the big guys and not people like us.

I am not an activist, but in 2 weeks a law is going into effect that puts an end to online radio.

I don’t listen to music often but I do appreciate the freedom someone in their basement has to start up something, play music and get heard, as a free service to us. Without that freedom of speech, we lose our freedom of listening to what we want to listen to and people will never get what they need to hear and we will all become blind drones who believe what the media is telling us paying monthly fees to access corporate controlled online radio.

We will never question wars because they will present the war to us in a way that makes sense and that makes us think is warranted. They will never let us know that the earth is dying from Global Warming and keep selling us SUVs that eat up more gas because gas is a limited resource and in ten years you’ll be paying 50 times what you are paying today and you’ll still pay it because you’ll believe you need it. We will never question whether AIDS was a virus created in labs in the 70s to shut up a loud group of fags who were protesting and causing massive headaches in all communities about gay rights.

I am not a hippie, I have never had a cause, I have never cared enough to protest but I appreciate that I can do what I do even if I am not making money doing it.

So if you don’t want the Internet to turn into bullshit, censored, controlled Television and if you want to save internet Radio so that you can listen to whatever you want to listen to, do your part and click this link SaveNetRadio. This law basically means that they will have to pay royalty fees that are retroactive and will essentially put all internet radio out of business.

If that doesn’t interest you, maybe Juliette Lewis performing does. Cuddles.

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