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Alicia Keys Has a Shitty Body of the Day

A lot of people seem to love Alicia Keys. I always thought it was the girl can sing and that was the extent of it but it turns out that guys actually want to fuck her. Here she is wearing one of the tightest dresses I’ve ever seen her in and her tits look like man breasts, the kind of breasts you find on small breasted fat chick, which is a disorder I’ve never fully grasped because how can you be fat everywhere but your tits because tits are what fat chicks are good for, even if they are disgusting. I am not saying the Alicia Keys is fat though, she thick but has nothing on the fat chicks I’ve got with in my time except for maybe the fact that I don’t find her hot but would still fuck her because i like sex.

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  • Ari

    Shes got a big ass tho

  • Nate07

    I would tax that ass like the IRS.

  • Marie-Eve Martinez

    her shoes are FUG

  • GoodFellaz

    You call that shitty ? damn you lost your mind bro, i don’t care what anyone says, that’s a woman to me =)

  • RuckSack

    I agree with GoodFellaz. That is a woman-shaped woman. There used to be a category of undesirable called skinny. Now a normal woman like the one in the picture is called fat.

  • Donkey Punch

    Her boobs are completely the wrong size for her body and look really odd. They look like some stuck small oranges onto her body.

  • roxy

    take a look at your body and go fuck yourself

  • What the fuck? Fat? Shitty body?

    Are you blind?

    I agree that she has those tranny titties going on…but fat? WTF? This woman probably has a 24 inch waist!

  • HalfWit

    That dress doesn’t really become her but apart from that: MEE-YOWWW!
    IMO AK is a fox!

  • Iggy Pop

    She got cankles, big ass legs oooooohhh not nice