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Katy Perry’s Shitty Body of the Day

Katy Perry has the body that only a homo could like and by the looks of her gut, it looks like her homo may have liked her a little too much, cuz bitch has got to be pregnant. I know Katy Perry has a history of being fat and awkward looking, and I know that no one cares about how she finally successfully tricked a motherfucker with no taste to drop load in her and have it stick, but I never turn down the chance to check out a pregnant girls ass. There are a few reason why pregnant chicks are better than non pregnant chicks and those reasons are – if you fuck her you can’t get her pregnant since she’s already been done, you don’t have to deal with her bullshit cuz she’ll take that home to her baby daddy and most importantly her titties swell, along with the rest of her, but if you get her in the first trimester, she just looks like she had too much to eat at the Chinese buffet…

Either way, here’s some Pregnant Katy Perry bullshit pictures….on this, the most Romantic weekend of the year, that is also the most depressing weekend of the year, and the weekend that bedding pussy is the easiest of the year….

Pics via Bauer

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Lo Bosworth Has a Shitty Body of the Day

Wow, another girl from The Hills with a shitty body, what the fuck are they trying to teach today’s teenagers, that being a dumpy useless slut pays the fuckin’ bills. At least in the 90s, bitches thought the only way to make it was fake tits and fake blonde hair, you know the Playboy tattoo on the hip whore route, now they are gonna think average lookin’ nobodies have what it takes and that’s fucking shitty for breeding low self esteem something all of us need to get girls to fuck us. That is just another reason to add to the list of why The Hills is ruining my life….one day soon someone is going to suicide bomb the shit and that person is going to be carved into a statue like the hero he fuckin’ is….

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Alicia Keys Has a Shitty Body of the Day

A lot of people seem to love Alicia Keys. I always thought it was the girl can sing and that was the extent of it but it turns out that guys actually want to fuck her. Here she is wearing one of the tightest dresses I’ve ever seen her in and her tits look like man breasts, the kind of breasts you find on small breasted fat chick, which is a disorder I’ve never fully grasped because how can you be fat everywhere but your tits because tits are what fat chicks are good for, even if they are disgusting. I am not saying the Alicia Keys is fat though, she thick but has nothing on the fat chicks I’ve got with in my time except for maybe the fact that I don’t find her hot but would still fuck her because i like sex.

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