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Phoebe Price Bikini Pictures of the Day

I don’t know how much Phoebe Price paid for this bikini photoshoot, but it is obviously staged and retouched. It was only last week when Phoebe Price made me sick to the stomach with her sloppy fuckin’ legs and I guess she realized that she had to redeem herself, because despite being useless to the world, she doesn’t think that she is. It’s the kind of delusion that allows fat chicks to wear spandex or ugly chicks to go to modeling casting calls because they’ve never been shut down in their life, despite a dire need for them to be shut down to save us the fuckin’ headaches of having to post about them and by us I mean me.

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  • nina

    WOW…so sweet, seems she is famous on a free interracial dating site I n t i m a t e m i n g l e DOTC o m ,there are many hot models.they vote the most beautiful member each month.funny thing…..

  • BubbleBoy

    I absolutely love to play connect the dots with freckled redheads, but if they were going to stage a bikini photoshoot, the least they could’ve done was play with the saturation and give the girl a bit of a tan.