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The New Mariah Carey Video of the Day

Here’s an exclusive that is probably not an exclusive anymore because I decided to drink last night instead of write about the release of Mariah’s new video because I have my priorities straight. Her fake husband who she decided to marry for publicity because that would be the only explanation for this joke of a stunt that threw both these fuckers into the media hard before the release of Nick Cannon’s show and Mariah’s album and it’s all proven with the fact that Nick Cannon re-gifted a ring. We all know that real girls wouldn’t accept that and despite wanting to save our money and recycle shit we bought previous sluts, we never would despite how poverty we are so why the fuck would he.

Either way, dude makes a cameo that isn’t as exciting as her cameo in a bikini. Her body looks tight and despite it being some kind of movie magic effect – I still like it enough to post it. Enjoy the boring song that I know you’ll continue to listen to when alone in your bedroom at night when you know your exgirlfriend is out on a date with her new dude, that is assuming you have an exgirlfriend which could be more of a stretch than this whole Mariah and Nick Cannon marriage.

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