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Lindsay Lohan’s New Song of the Day

So Lindsay Lohan is back in the recording studio and shit sounds pretty fuckin’ life changing. I wonder if she produced this with her lesbian lover Samantha Ronson who thinks she’s a fuckin’ legend to the music world because her brother has found some success with the hipsters with his shit and by association she’s thinks she’s on some next level of music. It seems like she gets booked with high paid DJ gigs because people are easily influenced and believe what they are told and are scared to not book her for fear of being called homophobes.

Either way, this trash is Lohan talking over a shitty beat about how she’s a little boss and I have a feeling the rhyming scheme of this shit was ripped off some kid she met at some make a wish foundation event back when she was more more relevant to kids before being a drug addicted whore and the kid wrote a poem for her as a thanks for making their dream come true before dying.

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  • Nate07

    That’s some fucking SHIT.

  • Nathiest

    Are you sure? Lohan sings way better then this, or at less she did?

  • nina

    nice voice and beauty girl.but it seems like i saw her profiles on a dating site I n t i m a t e m i n g l e DOTC o m maybe i am wrong. but i will check it later

  • Dona

    Man that sucked big time. This new album will be a total flop. She will get more depressed from the bad critic and wil start boozzing again. Hey at least she got Sam hahahahahahahahahahahahha!!!

  • Syd

    how very 1980s of her. Tiffany LIVES!