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Diane Kruger Has Hot Legs of the Day

Diane Kruger’s got some motherfuckin’ legs. I don’t know much about her other than the fact that she’s gotta be a model based on these motherfuckin’ legs but I could be wrong, it happens pretty much every day of my life.

I met a really skinny dude the other day, he was pretty much pushing’ 110 pounds because he was dying of Aids and he was lecturing me about how easy it is to pick up girls. He claimed that despite having Aids he gets pussy all the fuckin’ time, I just figured that it was because Aids bitches are easy since they figure everyone would be too fuckin’ scared to sleep with them so when someone willing comes their way they don’t say no, but he claimed that it’s because the weight loss has made his dick look exponentially bigger against his leg. Since he’s just skin and bone, when he gets a boner it’s thicker than his thigh and that optical illusion tricks all the bitches, that’s when he decided to drop his pants in brad daylight in the park to show me his fuckin’ hard on and that’s when I realized that he wasn’t a needle sharing Aids patient but was infact a fucked up the ass Aids patient so I bounced.

I guess I’ll just let you wonder if Diane Kruger’s skinny legs would make your dick look bigger, because wondering from your shitty house is the closest you’ll get.

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  • TheExpatriot

    She played the the motherfucking ‘Helen of Troy’, dude. And fuck she is hot.

  • Billdozer

    yeah, she is sweet…that dude in the last picture stole all the toilet paper in the building.

  • Kenneth

    Shiiiiit, my dick is bigger than her body, let alone her leg.

    You know the sad thing is that woman is downright beautiful, her lovely face, great legs, a perfect arse and a fine fine fine pair of tits. But she’s lost waaaayyyyyy too much weight. She was fucking PERFECT in Troy, stunning, but now she looks emancipated which is not attractive.

  • Very interesting post – Might be old new, but it was new to me. Thanks.