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Elisha Cuthbert is Still in Her Bikini of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Elisha Cuthbert is still on the beach, but then again these pictures could be a couple of days old – I am not entirely on the ball when it comes to this shit. I have a few issues with the site, mainly that I could be getting sued for the use of copyrighted images despite taking down the images within 24 hours of receiving notice of who the pictures actually belong to because when I post them I have no idea who took them. I know this shit is repetitive and I am trying to figure out how to work around it, but there really is no way and as bigger corporations make their way onto the internet, running personal sites like this and running commentary on shit I find online is becoming harder to do. I don’t know what the future of the site is but I wanted to let you know that a lawsuit could be hitting soon and it’s kinda putting a damper on my day, kinda like how you feel after seeing your celebrity girlfriend who you thought you had a chance with because she’s not all that famous out in Hawaii with a richer more successful and famous dude than you, because you can be pretty sure if they are on a resort together, they are definitely havin sex with each other.

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