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Uma Thurman is Flat Assed in a Bikini of the Day

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Uma Thurman brought her big old tits out to play on the beach in a bikini because she’s got nothing better to do and despite boring me, they may excite you and that’s what I am here for, It doesn’t give me much pleasure knowing that some of you weirdos may jerk off to my site, but I guess it’s something I just have to accept and being someone who can’t jerk off to the shit I do, I guess I should be more appreciative of the fact that someone can because sometimes lonely nights of jerking off are better than nights spent with girls crying after having had slept with you because they realized the kind of disrespect they just but their body through out of a lapse in judgement brought on by being dumped by their boyfriend, not that that should stop you, or that you should care why they are doing what they are doing, you just need to seize the opportunity and take everything you can out of that vulnerable girl.

BONUS – Uma Thurman hangs with a fat chick in the age-old strategy to make herself appear hotter and skinnier than she really is. It’s some David Copperfield illusion shit that always seems to work.

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