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Sharon Stone’s In a Bikini of the Day

I was at a bar the other night and I suggested to the bar owner that we throw a weekly stepPARTY where we rip off the girls gone wild concept and market it as Spring Break beach party where girls show up in bikinis, have wet t-shirt contests and get it on with each other all while I drunkenly watch as the leader of the night because it’s my fuckin’ party.

The owner was interested but told me that it probably won’t be a hit because the only girl who goes in her bar is this one chick named Alice and she’s about 65, 300 pounds and is missing teeth, but bitch has no problem having drinking contests and showing her tits with the promise of a free shot and I told him that that sounds like a hit to me.

Here are some pictures of a thinner lookin’ 65 year old who still gets naked for money, but I doubt she’ll be coming to my party.

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  • She looks beautiful. I saw her profile on dating site “W e a l t h y L o v I n g . co m ” last week. It is said she is dating young billionaire on that site.

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