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Jessica Simpson’s New Country Single of the Day

Country Music is the biggest thing in America, so if you are an aspiring singer, you should consider pulling the Carrie Underwood because you will make a hell of a lot more money showing off your fake hick accent for dude’s in pick-up trucks and you’ll have a long lasting career because country listeners are loyal. The problem with doing Pop is that you ride the top if you’re lucky then you quickly fade away when someone cooler or hotter or younger comes along. When you’re up against a whole lot of ugly chicks and lame dudes in tight jeans, it’s pretty easy to carve out your niche.

Either way, heres Jessica Simpson’s new song called Come on Over and for some reason all I can think about is seeing a horse cum all over her. Beastiality isn’t how, but when you’re all alone herding sheep in the mountains for 3 months and trusty ol’ Bucky is the only other thing you’ve got around and you’ve drank too much Whiskey, these things tend happen.

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