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Maria Sharapova and Her Anal Sex Faces of the Day

The only reason I watch female professional sports is when the girls in them are worth fucking. For the most part girl athletes are more masculine than I am, which isn’t saying much because I struggle taking out the garbage, but seeing their rippling muscles is too homo for me. There are a few female pro-athletes I’d like to watch have sex and Sharapova is one of them. Lookin’ at her in action, with the anguish and struggle in her facial expression makes me thing of one thing and one thing only and that one thing is her taking it up the ass. Enjoy.

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  • Billdozer

    Those are anal sex faces? Those look more like the final escape scene from the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” face, especially pic #2

  • Joe

    Oh Please……I ran securiety for her and her nutty dad here in NY (USTC) flushing M park. Any woman that can chug a pitcher of beer, pick me up off the floor as after puking…. then go on to sing songs with the band beats any American chick 10-1000.
    Dont give a shit if she has sandpaper ancles BTW …..for all you MFR’s that dont know jack !!!!!
    Im sure Jesus knows what I”m talkin bout !

  • mattchew

    for what its worth adam levine from maroon 5 is rumored to have said shes a dud in bed.

  • sarah

    Actually, it turns out Levine made that up. They’ve never even met before, haha. He’s such a douche.

  • huh?

    Joe, no Jesus doesn’t know what you are talking about. This whole post was about how Maria is hot and the sex faces she makes while playing tennis. Your reading comprehension is shit, you can’t form proper sentences and you can’t spell. Do us all a favor and don’t breed. The gene pool needs you to stay out for the survival of the human race.

  • RockHard

    Hey I did her in the ass and although I couldn’t see her face, she grunts just like when she is hitting the ball

  • paul

    i love it when she grunt when hitting the ball, if there’s one woman i want to F*K it would be her!!!

  • well comparing them to the pictures I took of her while banging her a new balloon knot, they look nothing like her anal sex faces.

    …god damn…I really wish that was a true statement…

  • If those are her anal sex faces, maybe you should be using more lube 😉

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  • More anal lube please and ready for round two!