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More Mel B Bikini Pics from the Other Day of the Day

These Mel B pictures are from yesterday, so knowing you and your pervert ways, you’ve probably already seen them, I figured I’d post them anyway because I liked the grip the dude’s got on this bitch’s ass. It’s like dude landed this down on her luck single mother because her comedian boyfriend didn’t want to take any responsibility for the baby because he felt like she tricked him by turning the condom inside out to get knocked up to get what she wanted after he got what he wanted . So after her dreams of a picket fence future turned upside down and a whole legal battle to prove the baby was his, this dude moved in on her knowing she was an easy target because he was desperate for love making her willing to do anything to keep him around and by anything I mean she put out alot. Sure her pussy wasn’t as tight as it once was, but beggars can’t be choosers and it’s not everyday that this kind of lottery win happens.

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