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Jessica Alba Has Some Pregnancy Bikini Pictures of the Day

Whenever I see Jessica Alba pregnant, all I can think of is the bear trap that is her vagina because I remember reading about how she got pregnant to trap Cash Warren into staying with her, because despite how many dudes want to get with her, she’s still a girl and being a girl makes her not realize that she’s got a ton of guys who want to get with her because all her attention is focused on the one guy who doesn’t want to be with her after already banging her. Either way,, she’s pregnant in a bikini and I know I could probably write something vulgar or maybe even funny, but why bother, I’ve pretty much given up on life, kinda like Jessica Alba will when she realizes that guys everywhere will only want to get with her now because of her fat wallet and not because of her fat, stretchmarked, gaping vagina.

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  • Hollywood Rag

    Hot women want to be hot pregnant.

    She’s a big belly balloon right now.

  • Michelin

    A sniper needs to take a shot right at her fat belly. Two favors for the price of one bullet, yaknowachasayin!?!

  • Lily

    There’s a real life little human in there, moron, but go ahead, take to her with a sniper.
    I don’t see a single stretchmark on her, either 😛

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