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Minnie Driver and Her Pregnant Bikini Pictures of the Day

Whoever said the miracle of life is a beautiful thing was wrong. That’s all I have to say about that.

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  • I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  • drG

    What desperate fiend knocked that skank up, anyway?

  • mfjason

    some bitches look got knocked up(salma hayek) some don’t(minnie driver)

  • Peter

    Congrtulatios! But just saw her husband’ personals ID on millionaires personals site “””””S e e k i n g R i c h. co m”””””” last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship he is looking for on that site.

  • alma

    This is what people look like pregnant. It’s only been going on, oh I don’t know, MILLIONS OF YEARS! Get over it.

  • Sarah

    She doesn’t even look that bad but she’s just so pastey white that’s what makes me cringe when I see these pics! Maybe next time she’ll pick a suit with some color so she doesn’t look THAT bad!

  • rthh

    Mfjason, I imagine you’re a fat, hideous sack of pimple-ridden shit and wouldn’t get laid even if by “laid” I meant your mom tucking you in. Some lard asses are hot, some aren’t.

    You and DrG need to interface immediately, if you know what I mean. But for the love of god, don’t film it.

    Sarah, you’re a racist twat. She’s English, of course she’s fucking white. Sorry you’re bitter about your retarded fake tanner turning you orange, but there’s no need to be a dick, especially since everyone knows England’s got no sun.

  • shandi

    Some women are gorgeous in a bikini when they are pregnant. Minnie is not one of them. They have maternity swim suits that cover your belly. Trust. I used one myself in 2005. She has an odd shaped belly for a pregnant lady.

  • Girl Villain

    who cares.

  • leatherdaddy

    i thought you had issues with pregnant chicks?!? now wheres the blog of the milfs in the making (alessandra ambrosio)?

  • Me Two

    Rock on, rthh.

  • Charlie

    Yeah, lose some weight you nasty pregnant woman. How dare you be seen out offending us with pictures of your horrible body on the internet (which I have to click on to open) – she should be locked up for the entire 9 months. Her behaviour should be entirely based on my opinion of how she looks…Sheesh!

  • maz

    Yes, as Charlie implies, give the woman a ******g break!

  • Allie

    Ok. I’m not saying that she has to be dressed in some circus tent that covers everything. But if you’re pregnant, you need to wear clothing (even to the beach) that flatters your figure. Pregnant chicks on bikinis? Forget it. Most cannot pull it off, and this is no exception. This is gross.

  • alphamale11

    Personally I prefer the nude beaches, the choice of what to wear is taken care of rather easily. Looks, she isn’t bad, don’t guess I’m any prize either in that catagory.
    As to the odd shape, I’d say she is 8 months along and just beginning to show because she’s been carring in between those hip bones. Her breast seem rather swollen. If anything she probably real happy not to be carring one of the cretins that I see have posted here.

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