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Minnie Driver is Pregnant in a Bikini of the Day

I had an argument with a friend of mine about whether pregnant chicks are sexy. I was arguing that it is nice to see a girl doing what she’s supposed to in a generation where they think they have the right to be doctors and lawyers and career women, and a lot of chicks seem to be neglecting that they are built to make babies not make money, and he was arguing that it is creepy like she’s got an alien growing inside her and in the event he ever got a girl pregnant, he’d join the army to not have to deal with the pressure of her trying to fuck him while she’s all hormonal and bloated.

I guess these Minnie Driver pictures don’t really prove either side of the equation considering she wasn’t hot before she was pregnant ad sure as hell isn’t hot while pregnant, but she’s wearing a bikini and that’s good enough for me to overlook things like disgusting growths inside her disgusting, cum filled pregnant body.

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  • lilypie

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  • felch

    nasty, just nasty.

  • dat’s a huge bitch

  • Pete

    Minnie should have swallowed.

  • FngFer

    This chick is fat. She should stop eating before her ass starts it own website. Poink!

  • Candi Apples

    Minnie Driver was ugly and chunky before she was prego’s,now,she’s as big as a house.

    Good luck losing that baby wieght Minnie,your gonna need it!