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Michelle Trachtenberg Dresses Like a Fat Version of Her Boyfriend of the Day

[ Images removed in compliance with DMCA Notice ]

There was a time when Michelle Trachtenberg was the kind of Jewish girl I’d be willing to have sex with provided the opportunity arose and she was eager to piss off her parents by having sex with an old, fat, poor Mexican like so many teenage Jewish girls before her. I never sat around wondering what it would be like to climb her little jew leg to her jewish womb, but didn’t mind lookin’ at her do her thing.

That was before she ate one too many Kanishes and her hips went the way of her grandmothers’ after escaping the holocaust and finding happiness in America (the land of opportunity), making babies and hoarding as much food as possible both in her stomach and in her cupboards to be better prepared to deal with the fear of another bout with the starvation that comes with the genocide of her religion.

The truth is that her fat little jew legs and wide set jew hips that don’t balance out her little skinny jew head aren’t really what throw me off in these pics, it’s the fact that she’s wearing the same outfit as the dude she’s fuckin’ like they were on a cattle car to Auchwitz in their state issued uniform that does.

[ Images removed in compliance with DMCA Notice ]

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  • Pete

    Why does the ice cream truck have to blast that shitty music so fuckin’ loud?

  • Candi Apples

    I think Michelle Trachtenberg is an in the closet lezzie.

  • dylan

    I think you went a bit too far on this one.