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Pink’s Nipple Tape at the VMAs of the Day

I hate saying this, but Pink looked good at the VMAs. Maybe it’s because she’s lost her husband and is lookin’ for new cock, or maybe because she was the bread winner in her household when she was married and when he left her has since decided to take off her pants and be a girl again or something, I just don’t know, but I do know that I was feeling her performance, despite the song being a little too personal and awkward to listen to, like the time I got stuck in a doctor’s office with a male stripper who went off about how he isn’t gay but how he lets guys fuck him for money if he’s on enough drugs and that he was at the Doctor’s office for some lump they found growing in his neck that could be AIDS, making me not want to be the one sitting next to him in one of those real “too much information” situations that is actually too much information and not just some white person over-using the “too much information” expression like they do when you tell them shit like that you are constipated or that you haven’t jerked off in a month or that the first time you had anal sex, you got shit on your dick, or whatever it is that white people say “too much information” to, when you aren’t even telling them too much infomation and are just trying to make conversation…..

You get what I mean….and I don’t get why I was into Pink last night, but here are some pics to celebrate.

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  • feiyi

    NICE! A friend of mine recommended me a HOT place *** wealthyromanceS.Com *** It’s a place full of hot stuff and also a place where Charlie Sheen met his wife Brooke Mueller!

  • Candi Apples

    Pink looks good on occasion,but she seems like too much of a gender bender for me…..

    I’m convinced she’s a lezzie.

    That striped dress is hideous,but she does look good in the black one piece,even though you see her sticky tape attached to her boobie.

    Another thing,I hear that Pink and Carey Hart might get back together.

  • Pete

    I think Pink looked better with pink hair.

  • Fuck the VMAs and MTV.

  • Drew


  • bitch biter

    VMA’s was nothing but crap. Host was a nobody freak that insulted most of the guests. Nothin but Obama kiss asses.

  • Cato

    Pink is one handsome fella!! I am confused however, in my native country young men do not have to cover their chest. Please explain?

  • Cato

    A thousand apologies…apparently this Pink is a young woman.

  • Brody

    Hehe! Luckily Pink was wearing “Nightfever” Nippies by Bristols 6 when she had her wardrobe malfunction on stage. This pretty pewter-colored duo comes with 1 pair sparkly sequins and 1 pair luxe satin…so rock glam. Check out that style and more at http://www.bristols6.com!

  • Thanks for this post!

    I really appreciated it! ^^