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Juliette Lewis Was Used as a Model of the Day

I saw these pictures of Juliette Lewis modeling from what I assume is Fashion Week in New York that just ended, but I don’t really know because I don’t stay on top of that shit, but I do know that hiring Juliette Lewis to be a model for anything but a drug program doesn’t make sense. I guess the company was on a tight budget and Juliettee Lewis needed the money bad because she owes her dealer or some shit, because she has no business doing this. It’s like hiring Rosie O’Donnell to model swimwear, but not any swimwear, really skimpy and sexual swimwear.

Sure Juliette Lewis is skinny enough to be a model because she’s a fuckin crackhead, but she’s is so fuckin’ ratty lookin, that I wouldn’t want to buy those clothes she wore, but would instead want to burn them for public safety. Sure, I am exaggerating a little, but I would take my wife’s chicken broth/week old kitchen garbage smelling pussy over whatever the fuck this Juliette Lewis bitch has got brewing in her unwashed panties, which I assume smells like feces, rotting meat and death and if you don’t believe me, just look at the pictures, before the paparazzi email me to take them down.

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  • queen

    NICE! A friend of mine recommended me a HOT place *** wealthyromanceS.Com *** It’s a place full of hot stuff and also a place where Charlie Sheen met his wife Brooke Mueller!

  • Gina

    She was singing (emm SCREAMING out of tune punk style) with some band in the villiage.

  • Mark

    Juliette Lewis is hilarious. You aren’t funny in any way. Ever. What a sad, small person you are.

  • Jamie

    I don’t get it? She looks awesome. Better than most drone faced skeletons that stomp for fashion. I think you just want a piece of that action. She has more talent in her pinky toe than your whole disgusting body. Cheers!

  • keenerkids

    I think she is the BEST! Way to go Juliette! Loved that girl in Natural Born Killers. Too bad about the Scientology though.

  • Marcy

    Damn…Juliette looks bangin’. The Scientology is definitely a downer, but she looks better than she ever has except possibly in Strange Days. She’s sexy as can be in a “she might have an axe behind her back” kinda way.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I loved the rape scene in Strange Days, wish it was me stuffing my 5 inch pepperoni in her unwilling snatch.

    Hot stuff right there.

  • HoodFellaz

    She’s cute as hell, always been a fan of her, my favorite scene of her is in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn, when she look at Quentin Tarantino and says “Ritchie, would you please eat my pussy” 😀

  • manda

    Does your wife read this blog? If I were her, I’d be PISSED

  • Chongo

    I used to think Juliette Lewis was kinda cute, until I saw the movie “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” and realized she looks EXACTLY like Hedwig in drag. Now every time I look at Juliette Lewis, I see a rock ‘n’ roll tranny.

  • asslesschaps

    “my wife’s chicken broth/week old kitchen garbage smelling pussy ”

    maybe it’s karma for your shitty website.

  • pennwood

    Juliette is a terrific girl …. has one heck of a career, and sexy as all get out too !
    Sorry YOU don’t like her, but do you like ANYBODY ?

  • Pete

    Juliette was great in the movie “Natural Born Killers”

  • Vulva Addict

    “my wife’s chicken broth/week old kitchen garbage smelling pussy �

    Maybe I should be more grateful for my wife’s semi-pungent faint-fishy musky pee-pee smell. Still pops the boner instantly though!

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