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Kim Kardashian Speaks After Being Kicked Off Dancing With the Stars of the Day

Kim Kardashian dances like she fucks and that’s why she was kicked off of Dancing With the Stars last night. In the interview after the show, where her mother defends her for doing great despite having no performance experience should be a sign that she is a talentless nobody who doesn’t deserve to be on TV. There was a time long ago, when getting on TV meant that you had some kind of basic talent for performing, whether dancing, singing, acting or comedy. With reality TV shows, any asshole can get on there, even if their personalities are as empty as this bitch, and people seem to get sucked in and watch. The worst thing in all of this is that all she has going for her is a fat fucking ass, that she doesn’t even know how to move, which should be fucking illegal.

Guess what, I’ve got a fat ass too, my friend’s call me Willy when I go to the public pool, I am not fucking around, this shit is criminal and I want to know where’s my fuckin’ reality show, clothing line, dancing with the stars appearance and 40,000 dollars a night to host club nights around the fuckin’ country.

Life just isn’t fair for the poor and the real tragedy in all this is that getting kicked off a show isn’t like it was in the Roman times, where they’d feed the loser to the fuckin’ lions, because let’s face it, that’s really where Kim Kardashian belongs.

Here are the first three videos I found on Youtube for Kim Kardashian Dancing With the Stars. I am sure they prove how hard she sucks….but I am not going to watch them to remind myself, but you can.

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  • ldy

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  • Pete

    Maybe if Kim was dancing with a black guy she would have danced better.

  • Bob Smith

    Maybe the judges said “My god, why is that girl keeping a Volkswagen Beetle in her pants! Aiy Carumba! Get her off the stage!”

  • brian

    I agree one hundred percent with your opion of this trashy slut. Hard to believe she is famous for banging black guys on video

  • pete

    wow, such a long speech from a nobody that wishes he could fuck her…LOL….oh well, at least you have a website called drunkenstepfather….could you please type another 20 lines about how jealous you are that you cant meet or talk to this girl?…yeesh!.. i dont even care about this girl but i find it funny how guys like u have to jump on the hater bandwagon, it takes no skill at all

  • John

    I think she would look better if her butt wasn’t so big. There is a limit to how big your butt can be and it still looking normal. She has reached critical ass.

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