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Bai Ling’s Weak Halloween Costume of the Day

Bai Ling is known for showing up to events with various body parts exposed, usually her lengthy fucking nipple, but for some reason, her Halloween costume is a hell of a lot less slutty than anything she wears in a normal day. I mean I hear the dude who works her local convenience store has seen her vagina more than the guy Bai Ling is fucking, but I could have the facts distorted and the convenience store clerk is actually the dude she’s fucking…..I guess it’s an Asian thing, you know owning and working a convenience store is regarded as the top of the food chain for them, I guess because of the freedom they get from sitting behind a cash from 8 in the morning until midnight, or the discount they get on expired food, and that is why they aspire to move to America, the land of opportunity, to own every single one of them in a 4 mile radius from pretty much anywhere you are right now. I guess it beats building the railroad.

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  • Candi Apples

    Sadly,I dont think this is a costume,just another one of
    Bai Ling’s bad outfits.lol

    What I wonder is,why does she get all of this attention?

    I didn’t even think she modeled anymore,she’s been a
    has been for yrs.

    And her only real claim to fame,is dating the douchebag that is Chris Issak,and that isn’t saying a whole hell of a lot.