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Victoria Beckham is Carmen Sandiego of the Day

I am sure I’m not the only one who used to jerk off to Carmen Sandiego back in the 90s. I didn’t get off to it because it was a kid’s show and I’m some kind of pedophile, I just thought the bitch was hot. Not to mention, there was something exciting about trying to find the bitch. It was like some kind of sexual cat and mouse chase, hide-and-go-seek, hide the hotdog in the warm moise fleshy cave when I find the bitch and pull her out of hiding and into the back alley where I rape her asshole kinda thing and here is Victoria Beckham bringing back all those erotic memories…

Pics via Bauer

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Julianne Hough in Costume of the Day

Here is Dancing with the Stars dancer who danced with the stars who weren’t really stars but more people who had some level of fame and were trying to initiate some kind of revival in their careers, like performing CPR on the shit cuz it was so far gone that even if they did salvage it, it would have serious brain damage.

Her dancing with the stars work has turned into a country singer with a record deal, making her a low level star herself and one day soon she may be back dancing with her old buddies who only as a star and not one of the dancers who dances with the stars. If that makes any sense.

She was dressed up for Halloween, shit was boring but it’s all about keeping the spirit of this bullshit holiday I don’t take part in becuase I find it embarrassing.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Pink’s Weird Half-Naked Costume of the Day

Pink has taken Lady Gaga’s lead by starting to wear ridiculous and revealing outfits. Sure if girls wore this kind of thing 10 years ago, when I wanted to fuck all the popstars, including Pink provided I was drunk enough, this kind of thing would have been amazing, something to celebrate, but back then, they were hardly dressing like whores….

More importantly, none of the popstars are hot anymore, they are old or ugly and it looks like Pink has been working out a lot too hard, and like she should lighten the fuck up on the bicep curls, cuz even before she got hooked on pumpin iron, she looked like a fuckin’ dude, and now it’s hard to look at her without wondering where she hides her fucking cock, and I guess it’s all because her husband is a closetcase, who spikes her juice with testosterone, to make her the man he always dreamt he would be married to, without having to admit he’s a fag….

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Lily Allen Shows Off her Barren Ass in a Stupid Outfit of the Day

Lily Allen is stepping up the whole Lady Gaga shit by wearing one piece outfits that show off her fat barren ass. First they manage to make me hate my life every time I leave the house and hear their music on every fucking radio station in every fucking public place that plays the radio. I am talking sodomizing my fucking ears like I was in a back alley with no way out in the wrong part of town with a very strong ex-con who has a taste for man pussy. Now, they are really trying their hardest to turn me off of the one piece of clothing that touches pussy/ass/tits at the same fucking time, something I once found fascinating but with every photo set that comes out like this, is becoming harder and harder to appreciate.

BONUS – There was as snow storm in the UK that turned out to be a great photo op for Lily Allen to go play with kids and show how wholesome and maternal and fun she is, even though they aren’t her kids because decided to end her pregnancy through smoking and drinking induced miscarriages/abortions. Selfish pig.

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Bai Ling’s Weak Halloween Costume of the Day

Bai Ling is known for showing up to events with various body parts exposed, usually her lengthy fucking nipple, but for some reason, her Halloween costume is a hell of a lot less slutty than anything she wears in a normal day. I mean I hear the dude who works her local convenience store has seen her vagina more than the guy Bai Ling is fucking, but I could have the facts distorted and the convenience store clerk is actually the dude she’s fucking…..I guess it’s an Asian thing, you know owning and working a convenience store is regarded as the top of the food chain for them, I guess because of the freedom they get from sitting behind a cash from 8 in the morning until midnight, or the discount they get on expired food, and that is why they aspire to move to America, the land of opportunity, to own every single one of them in a 4 mile radius from pretty much anywhere you are right now. I guess it beats building the railroad.

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Katie Price and Her Fake Tits Dressed Up Like a Slutty Clown to Promote Hair Products of the Day

Katie Price is a marketing genius. When she realized that she was famous for no fucking reason, other than having the biggest stupid fake tits around, she knew that either someone hotter with more plastic surgery would come along and steal her glory, or that if that didn’t happen, people would be bound to lose interest and find other whores with no shame to fixate on, so before her flame that is fame completely went out, she jumped into merchandising. She’s got a line of pretty much everything from lingerie to horse apparel, including some haircare bullshit.

I guess the real issue isn’t that someone with more money than they know what to do with can create a line of pretty much anything they want, but the fact that somewhere out there some slut is rockin’ this hair dryer in the dressing room of the strip club she works at, you know, the only kind of girl who can look at Katie Price as a symbol of inspiration, because the only other reason to buy this garbage is because it’s in the discount bin and you really need a hair dryer, which I doubt happens that often.

Either way, she was in some costume with her new scaled down tits that are still retardedly big and fake and I guess since I am a simple minded person, that’s enough reason to get a post here. Yes, it is that easy.

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I am – Paris Hilton Dresses Like Herself for Halloween of the Day

I was going to say that these are some pictures of Paris Hilton dressed like herself, looking like she always does, but in her stupid mind, she probably thinks she’s supporting the troops or some shit, but then this video landed in my inbox and in it she says “I’m wearing this for the troops because I know they’re having a hard time right now and don’t really get to celebrate Halloween.” I think the war would be a lot more fun if the troops actually dressed like this, it’d be like watching a bad drag show where they kill each other, but I guess we’ll just have to leave it up to Paris to be the bad drag show, while living her life of luxury and real people are dying. If she really wanted to support the troops in Iraq, maybe she’d head out there and let them fuck her so that they can get sick leave, or maybe she could send each one of them 10,000 dollars to help pay for the therapy they’re all going to have to go through when it’s all over. Point of this post is that Paris is a cunt….and I know someone who booked her to host their party and she charged 30,000 dollars and an 8-Ball of coke. True Story.

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Bonus Pictures of Her in Dancing With Sluts and Midgets in Another Costume Inside the Club Dressed as “Jail Bait” Because Irony is What Paris Does…Since She Was in Jail and Is Far From Jail Bait….Maybe 10 Years Ago…Now She’s Just Washed Up, Haggard and Has Had a Couple Hundred Too Many Dicks…

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

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