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Natalie Dylan The Sex Expert Selling her Virginity Interview of the Day

So this weird intellectual virgin, who studied sexology and claims to be a virgin and has passed a few tests proving she’s a virgin who despite being so well-versed on the sociology, psychology and everything else about sex, making her a total sex nerd, has decided to get hands on in her thesis by selling her virginity. Now, I’m not a snob, I don’t think selling sex is something to be looked down upon, I figure she’s got something worth money, she might as well sell it. If anything, i hate girls who put so much importance on their virginity that they don’t put out on the first date, and end up being 22 years old and still a virgin because their dreams of some romantic novel, never came to, so instead of just fuckin’ a random for free she might as well get paid, the same logic all whores have, only to make it seem okay to herself, she pretends it’s a social experiment that will get her into her post-graduate program of choice since she’s the human guinea pig, with a couple million dollars in the bank.

I am posting this because I love the old dude who is bidding on her. He’s 60, has always wanted to have a virgin and wants to teach her the ropes after talking to her, taking her to the park and all other things to make this union not seem creepy as shit.

This brings up 2 questions, the first is what his family and friends are thinking about their nice neighbor and buddy Lee, who they thought was totally normal, talking about banging young virgins like his fantasy isn’t creepy as shit and the other is whether this whore in training is going to pay tax on this shit, because if not, I suggest all you virgins get up on this shit. Sure, this story may not be all that fresh, but her pussy is supposed to be, so it gets a post.

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