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Vida Guerra’s Fat Ass in Some Bikini Pics of the Day

Vida Guerra is known for her fat ass and there’s really nothing wrong with that. Sure my dick is too small to really appreciate trying to get up inside one of these latin booties, but I still find them amazing to stare at, despite them reminding me of waiting in line at Wal Mart behind a new mother who ate one too many chocolate bars during her pregnancy.

The truth is that since she got her fake tits, it all kinda balances out and not so retarded to look at and since she got famous for this shit, or the part of her body from which she shits, I figure you’ll appreciate this barely there bikini, even if you’ve already seen her pussy because I know eating disorders or the girls who have them aren’t for everyone.

I guess this is just me accommodating….

The company that owns these pictures is trying to charge me 1000 dollars to access their pictures, since I am not rich and don’t make money off the site and can’t afford that kind of insanity, I don’t bother posting them, because they will send lawyers letters and I’ll be forced to take them down and still be liable for a lawsuit that I will lose, so I’ll just link out to other sites that are rich and can afford the pictures, while useless sites like mine slowly die of the AIDS that is the paparazzi agencies……

To See The Rest of These Hot Bikini Pics


Here are those nude webcam/ cellphone pics that were leaked a bunch of years ago….I am probably not allowed to post them, but since I did a long time ago and heard nothing, I figure I am safe…at least until I get the lawyer’s letter later today….but until then…here they are….

Pics Via – This Old Post

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  • GJ

    I’d love to do her from behind. Nice nice ass !!!!

  • hoodie

    Damn I’d lick that ass in a new york minute. I wish her pussy lips were as puffy as her ass is though.. it’s kinda flat , not cameltoe material whatsoever

  • Candi Apples

    The old cellphone pics of Vida are hot.

    But her ass is getting to fat.If it gets an fatter,she won’t get any work in Hollywood.

  • Bob Smith

    I don’t have a problem with the ass. It’s smooth, no cellulite.

    But those tits are so fake that they’re startling. Who looks at fake tits like that and goes… “oh hey! I love tits that look like plastic”.

  • izz

    I don’t do whores.

  • cunty cuntall

    I rather hit that than spend my days jackin’ off Mr izz.

  • oofski

    you’ve got the best ass ever hun… jigar

  • Joey

    Big bootyass like my sister!

  • Roger

    I’d definitely still hit it, but she’s added some weight to that fine ass after adding some age. Hell, in her prime she was unstoppable, and in reality she still is! Damn fine as hell! I’d love to toss her salad and lick it up one side and down the other! 😉

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