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Snoop Doggy Dogg Does Martha Stewart of the Day

Snoop Dogg was on Martha Stewart and I don’t really have much to say about it, because shit’s a strange fucking mix, but not as strange as when you see Martha Stewart bust her gangster speak from when she was in prison getting rapped by some random fists. It is 16 minutes long, I just thought it was so obscure that I had no choice but to post it. Dude’s obviously trying to reach a whole new market by charming middle-aged moms with his parenting skills….because he’s trying to show the world a whole other Snoop dynamic as a married man with kids…like he’s Will Smith or some shit….

Here’s his 5 tips to being a good parent….

1-Know when to lie to your kids….

2-Know when to be mean, know when to be a friend….

3-Always stay in control….

4-Serve Them Gin..Juice but Hold the Gin….

5-When a kid gives you attitude, pop it when it’s hot…

He’s just so clever at self-promoting, you know droppin’ his lyrics into the shit…..then they go off an make mash potatoes…and introduce his entourage. Then he goes off teaching his Snoop-Linguistics because he doesn’t really we are tired of his shit and that’s when I dropped this video cuz it sucked.

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  • Ass Rocket

    Did he do her DoggyStyle!!!

  • Satan666

    Fo’ Shizzle!

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  • chayaa

    Snoop on martha was hilarious! I liked when he said to give them alcohol on mistake! hahaha