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Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Have a Fight on New Year’s of the Day

I guess things are rocky in the world of fake celebrity lesbian relationships that were set up as a publicity stunt and that are now getting hard to keep up because the dying need for penis, because here’s a video of Lohan bitching out Ronson at Mansion on New Year’s. I am sure Ronson deals with this shit everyday, because Lindsay is one of those high maintenance, unstable, needy bitches you’d only date if it mean you’d make 3,000,000 dollars a year while with them. The funniest thing in this video is that they aren’t fighting about coke, or jealousy, they are fighting over me and by me I mean over who used up all the coke. I just have that affect on fake celebrity relationships.

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  • Volfie

    *That* was an argument?? There wasn’t even any hair-pulling!

    Seriously, I could barely see them, and I couldn’t hear them at all. How does anyone know it was an argument??