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Anna Faris and her Period Bloat in Some Shitty Photoshoot of the Day

Who the fuck is Anna Faris, oh right, she did a movie that would have been straight to DVD if the US population had any level of intelligence, but instead eat this kind of shit up like it was Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 – The Search For My Castrated Testicles in Paris Hilton’s Panty Drawer . She was seen doing some kind of photoshoot on the street in some Freddy Kruger dress I find disgusting, because it reminds me of a tampon that just gave your girlfriend Toxic Shock Syndrome because it was kept in too long, but I guess it’s appropriate considering she’s rockin’ some serious period bloat. I love being a fat guy who can spend his day hating on girls who would never fuck me, it’s like some kind of restitution that brings me peace. Thanks Anna Faris for being the kind of girl who would never fuck me, you don’t realize how therapeutic your superficiality is.

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  • Ali

    Again I don’t normally post, but people comment to excess on something about mother fucking Paris Hilton, but this post is well written and poignant and no one says shit. Anna Faris is just another douche who tries to pretend she isn’t a douche, but is just a raging douche like all the rest of those whores in Hollywood. She isn’t even fucking hot. I would totally fuck her, but still. She makes my skin really dry, flaky, and irritated.

  • INjudgement

    I am only commenting on this entry because there isn’t place for one under the above fan letter. Debbie definately has herpies because I slept with someone who was sleeping with her in her CBGS days. I would also like to second my hate of celebrities and love of your site.