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Ashton Kutcher is a Little Bitch of the Day

Ashton Kutcher made and released this video taken at 7:30 in the morning complaining about his neighbor who is building a house right outside his house and who starts construction at 7 am everyday. So Ashton is doing what any real man would do and is making videos for his lawyer to build a case against the guy and teach him a real fuckin’ lesson about building a fucking house at 7 in the morning.

I find the whole thing funny. I mean first of all, it’s easier to break legs than to send lawyers letters. Second of all, you’re not drinking enough if can hear anything at 7 am, when I drink, I black the fuck out around 5 am and hear nothing until at least 11. I’m talking anything, houses have burned down next door, people have been shot, and I’ve slept through it like a baby. Lastly, we’d all be annoyed with 7 am construction, I am sure we’d want to kill our neighbors, but I doubt we’d make a little video and put it on the internet for the world to see how good we are at being little whiney bitches.

I thought this whole thing was funny.

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  • Bluesquid

    Is it just the video, or have I not noticed a pronounced LISSSSPPPP? If you werent up all night suckin Bruce Willis’ dick, you get up at 7 like workin folks. I hate this no talent fag.

  • cnflrpngrkn

    The sound of welding? I wasn’t aware that welding could be so loud and irritating.

  • drunkard

    apparently this doucher isn’t aware that 7 am is the time normal people start work. what a meat gazer.

  • brainfart

    Ashton Kutcher is a fucking morning! Doesn’t he know that almost the entire world (minus “Hollywood”) is up before 7:30am? Dude, Where’s Your Car? maybe you could drive somewhere to sleep and cry like the baby that you are. I hate this fag and all his dumb reality shows. How does he even make any money? – I bet he doesn’t own that house that he claims is his (and the neighbour has the right to start at the break of dawn). This video is also a threat to the owner and if I had some big Hollywood lawyer, I would sue his ass for the threats he has made. I hope his ass gets sued and the bank that owns his house puts him out on his ass! lol.

  • brainfart

    whoops, I meant to start of by saying “Ashton Kutcher is a fucking moron!” – looks like his dumbness is rubbing off on me; I must stop thinking about this fucker and return to my brainy self.

  • I, unfortunately, tend to drink the same way as our friend Jesus Martinez. Drink hard and black the fuck out. I need help. Pray for me.

  • Kaveh

    Wow, not like I thought he was a weiner before, someone building a house next to his house, god forbid someone do that. Someone really needs to kick his ass.

  • evilive

    i hope grandma demi gave him a glass of milk and a hug because his stepdaughter big chin is more of a man than he is…
    bet this bitch doesn’t complain when his mexican housekeepers/landscapers show up for work at the crack of dawn to do his bidding…
    what a piece of shit, he should hop on a plane with sean penn and go make prison loving with hugo chavez-he could be the bottom ballsucker…

  • cowbulls

    Ashton is nthing but a boy toy. He should be very happy to be woken up every morning and use it as an excuse to nail Demi, go back to sleep and wake up again and nail once more. I’m guessing that many of us would agree to try that for oh the rest of our lives.

  • I don’t really care to much for this video. I agree with all the above comments but is he seriously wearing a hat like that at 7am? Did he really get out of bed and decide to grab his video camera, toss on a hat straight out of the J. Peterman Catalog and start complaining about his neighbor. This is the problem with Hollywood.

  • HardOn

    LOL, he’s losing it WHAT THE FUCK is he gonna do… punk em?! I guess the thought of the construction guys working on the house next door to him waking up a hell of a lot earlier then 7:30 am to do this job, and put food on the table for their families is lost on Mr. Punk’d. Advice for Ashton, roll over and fuck Demi (while her daughter masturbates like a spider monkey in the next room), take a fucking ambien you pussy, and quick bitching like a weak pledge sister that just got tea bagged at her first college mixer. Most people are in rush hour traffic, on their way to school, or already at work!

  • JojoTheIndianCircusBoy

    When you build in a place like LA, there are very strict zoning ordinances to which you’ll be held accountable. It is pretty much guaranteed that the contractors are abiding by these regulations; if so, Ashton has absolutely no legal standing. Beyond that, what a fucking clown.

  • blahaaha beside your modernist hollywood hills house what do you fucking expect tard every douche like you wants to live there, and how do houses get made BY BUILDING THEM. go back to the little forest you came from if you don’t like it.

  • ken j

    Didn’t he just make a pledge to Obama that he was going to be friends with his neighbors and give them hugs and bunnies for poor kids or some shit?

  • TheGoodGood

    Celebrities get to sleep in. In a recession people are working multiple jobs and shit and he’s pissed because he had to WAKE UP.. those construction workers are tryign to feed kids and shit.. what a loser! Why doesn’t he just stay at one of his other houses for a few months, or sound proof his house or buy some damn ear phones…

  • Fabulousity


  • The Realness

    What a cunt! Apparently he’s never had an actual job in his life. I wanna see the video of him confronting the construction crew and telling them to stop. Hed be all like ” I’m Ashton KUtcher and demand YOU STOP TRYING TO PROVIDE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES!!! How dare you try to put food on your table!!” and then the construction crew would throw him into the pit and pour a truck load of cement over him, thus making him part of the house and rendering him at least somewhat useful and God’s love would shine down forever on the crew. But this isn’t a perfect world and d-bags like him continue to live and create “art” (used VERY loosely).

  • tony

    You got PUNKED!

  • edwordrules

    He’s just mad because his neighbor thought of building a house first.


  • charlie scott

    Hey Asston,

    What time do you think the workers who built your house worked dumbass. Maybe you should have bought the lo next door, then you wouldn’t have someone building right there. I’m no hollywood star, but at least I don’t live right on top of my neighbors- douche! I feel bad for your neighbor, he will have to live next door to a RETARD until Demi dumps your ass.

    PS. City permits stipulate start & stop time for construction. Your “legal reasons” are bullshit. welcome to the real world, if only temporarily.

  • John

    Dang, I wish I could sleep in till 7:30am.

  • Girl-serbia

    I’m poor, and i want house like that, u fucking jackass. :/

  • Mike Nait

    What a Douche Bag Butt Nugget. Dude, you have 50 million, live in one of your other houses for six months.

  • the rich get Richer !!