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Ashton Kutcher’s Alleged Mistress Topless Pics of the Day

There’s all kinds of bullshit gossip going on about Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore splitting up…which would make sense because Demi Moore is a old, zombie looking plastic bitch, who no one in their early 30s should be locked down to, but instead who they just fuck every once in a while, cuz menopause is fun when you’re drunk….

Now I’m not one to care for celeb gossip, especially when it comes to Ashton Kutcher, so I haven’t paid attention to the bitch who is going public that she fucked him cuz she likes the attention….so much she’s leaking topless pics to the media through paparazzi agencies cuz it is all part of a master moneymaking scheme…cuz celebrity trash is what the world aspires to be….in the trashy pile of money people really shouldn’t give a fuck about…

Her name is Sara Leal and as long as she’s leaking nude pics, sex tapes, in her quest to turn her 15 minutes of being a groupie into 15 minutes of fame, into something lasting and meaningful, cuz that’s just the kind of sluts groupies are…

Who cares.

To See The Rest of the Pics of Her….


Here are a bunch more of the bikini pics….

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Ashton Kutcher is Cheating on Demi Moore of the Day

If you were fucking some lab rat zombie in her 60s, you’d probably work out a deal in the pre-nup that states “I may get tired of fucking a lab rat zombie in her 60s, and I may want to revert back to fucking all the young pussy that was throwing itself at me so much when I was on TV and in Movies that I got so bored of it, that I went on to marry lab rat zombie pussy”….It’s one of those “I’m pretty sure she’ll be cool with it as long as I still fuck her lab rat zombie pussy and take her out to nice places with me”….Older chicks are easier going about the whole fucking girls who aren’t them…so I wouldn’t call this cheating, if he was cheating he’d probably avoid LA pap smeared clubs/restaurants, etc. He’d probably take her to some remote place in Canada or some shit…therefore there’s no scandal in this…but I do like the attempt at disguising himself, but the paparazzi are just too smart for hime…

To See The Rest of the Pics

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Ashton Kutcher With Some Young Fresh Pussy of the Day

I have a feeling Ashton Kutcher isn’t getting paid for this movie he is filming. He just read the script that has a sex scene with some young pussy and dude jumped on it…Like a man starved for a few days thrown into an all you can eat buffet….only food isn’t what Ashton is deprived of, nice young pussy is.

After you backed yourself into a corner by marrying a bitch cuz you once jerked off to when she had a lesbian kiss with Whoopi in Ghost or cuz you thought Bruce Willis was so great and wanted a piece of something he had, cuz you didn’t worry about having to deal with her old, expired-milk, menopausal thick pussy juice…memories of slippery cunt become overwhelming…they take over your fucking life…they consume you…

I guess the good news is that the life he chose for himself as an actor allows him to get a taste of undead pussy for a change and not get in trouble for it from his wife cuz it is just work….since if he was to deprive himself from young pussy fully, he’d probably get in trouble for other things…like schoolyard rape cuz there’s only so much senior pussy a man can take, even if that senior has spent millions sculpted herself into a fake tit, decent bodied senior who has probably got plastic surgery on her cunt to make it feel like a younger pussy but she can’t re-wire it to drip like a 20 year old faucet pussy..

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche Sex Scene in Some Movie Called Spread of the Day

I remember when Anne Heche was a phony lesbian who was licking Ellen’s twat for fame and fortune and exposure, you know cuz suckin’ dick to the top wasn’t working too well for her. Well now she’s in some new movie with Ashton Kutcher where he pretends to fuck her like she used to pretend to fuck Ellen and you can see some tit and some bum….good times…now you’ve seen the best part of the movie, let’s hope it bombs…

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Ashton Kutcher Made Me Famous of the Day

Someone anonymously sent me the twitter admin panel for Ashton Kutcher’s twitter page. I am guessing this is the backend that has all his information about his account that twitter employees have access too.

I am proud to say that I am one of 8 people he has blocked. That is amazing. Sure it may not do anything for me, but knowing that he went out of his way to make me specifically disappear makes me feel like I’ve made it. Let’s hope Oprah and CNN set up an interview with me to find out why I am one of very few people he couldn’t handle ripping into him. I’ll keep you motherfuckers posted.

I admit I terrorized him a little with comments about his wonky lookin’ twin and his mom’s failed uterus, comments about how his mom’s failed uterus has driven him to Demi’s plastic surgery uterus and comments about fucking Rumer cuz no one else will, but I think the one that put him over the edge is when I called him a joke and not a comedian. Either way, it is the first time I can say I am proud to be in the same box as Perez.

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Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl are Cheaters of the Day

Actor’s are full of shit. They are self absorbed liars. There is no such thing as some kind of schizophrenia that takes over them and that makes them become this whole new person who they are playing, where they take on their roll that intensely, especailly when you’re a talentless piece of shit like Ashton Kutcher who only has a career because of his looks, making him a lot like every whore who works in a bar or restaurant wearing a low cut top, only not as interesting to look at.

So when I saw these pictures of him and Katherine Heigl kissing, I felt the need to post the shit, because both these motherfuckers are married and where I come from, making out with girls for work has never been a good enough for my wife to accept, and just because I would love my wife to make out with another dude, maybe fall in love with him, and get her to leave me the fuck alone because I hate her, doesn’t mean seeing this level of adultery doesn’t offend me or my Christian morals.

Leading me to officially understand why I have always hated him, because I knew he sold his soul to the devil and was some kind of heathen, now I just have the evidence as to why he needs to be executed.

Here are the spouses…..

Here is Ashton and Katherine Heigl doing some Bikini scene, where they kept Heigl clothed, because she has a dumpy piece of shit of a body…..

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Ashton Kutcher Sings a Song of the Day

I asked Ashton Kutcher over twitter if he was a comedian or just a joke. He never answered me. I told him that he is shit like the smear on Bruce Willis’ dick after he fucks his tween man slit. I actually didn’t say that, but should of, because he’s fucking Demi, who fucked Bruce and who sticks close with the family, making me think on their spiritual escapades and a little too much wine, things can get a little wild….

These idiots are all into Kaballah and have spiritual leaders and shit, so I guess Ashton lacks guidance and is just an insecure little fucker, and that’s why he turned to a mom as a wife and religion to save his vapid soul.

I don’t hate Ashton Kutcher, I’m just saying…..

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Ashton Kutcher Posts Demi’s Ass on Twitter of the Day

Ashton and Demi were in the Bahamas or some shit similar for Bruce Willis’ wedding to some 22 year old model, because I guess when you area famous, and have a lot of money, can offer the celebrity lifestyle and are fun to be around because you’re not stressed about pretty much anything, since you’ve fucked life up the ass and won, marrying 22 year old models isn’t all that crazy. There is always a slut out there willing, especially for promises of the good life.

Ashton and his mom-wife Demi are weird, Bruce and his Daughter-Wife probably are too, but combined weirdness aint got shit on the weirdness that is Rumer Willis’ face.

Everyone crticizes them for being so close, ex-wives and their boy toys are supposed to hate the ex-husband and their new young pussy, but the fact that they are tight doesn’t bother me, it just makes me think they are all probably fucking each other, I’m talking Ashton in Bruce’s mouth while Demi combs out her bush and the 22 year old model learns how to insert a tampon properly because she just got her period for the first time, or some other weirdness, because I follow this asshole on Twitter, and I can tell something’s a little off with him and his life, but selling out your wife’s ass to get Twitter followers is pretty commendable behavior…

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Ashton Kutcher is a Little Bitch of the Day

Ashton Kutcher made and released this video taken at 7:30 in the morning complaining about his neighbor who is building a house right outside his house and who starts construction at 7 am everyday. So Ashton is doing what any real man would do and is making videos for his lawyer to build a case against the guy and teach him a real fuckin’ lesson about building a fucking house at 7 in the morning.

I find the whole thing funny. I mean first of all, it’s easier to break legs than to send lawyers letters. Second of all, you’re not drinking enough if can hear anything at 7 am, when I drink, I black the fuck out around 5 am and hear nothing until at least 11. I’m talking anything, houses have burned down next door, people have been shot, and I’ve slept through it like a baby. Lastly, we’d all be annoyed with 7 am construction, I am sure we’d want to kill our neighbors, but I doubt we’d make a little video and put it on the internet for the world to see how good we are at being little whiney bitches.

I thought this whole thing was funny.

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Rumer Willis is in a Movie of the Day

I don’t like that Rumer Willis is making sex faces at me. It reminds me of all those times I’ve been forced to have sex with disgusting girls because they were just too into getting fucked and I had no capacity to say no.

Rumer Willis is one ugly girl. I don’t care how blue she makes her eyes, shit won’t distract me from the fact that Demi Moore was on hard drugs while she was pregnant and has invested a lot of money in paying off People Magazine to name her top 100 Beautiful People and producers to cast her in their shitty straight to DVD movies about an ex-playmate becoming a sorority girl……

I guess what it comes down to is how much she’s paying this Luke Perry Mother Fucker to put his arm around her, I figure he’s either a co-star in the movie or someone who is willing to put their dignity aside for a little exposure, but either way the thought of anyone fuckin’ her kinda confuses me and makes for something I’d definitely watch, because I’ve done worse, but definitely wouldn’t enjoy watching. It’d be like a 2 Girls 1 Cup situation, but less sexy.

On a side note, Ashton Kutcher still has mommy issues and an old lady fetish and is still having sex with Demi Moore because he can’t figure out how to escape her controlling weathered hand and plastic surgeried grasp…..and he is supporting his stepdaughter by going to her event because I guess they are proud that she hasn’t killed herself yet, something they’ve all been expecting her to do since the first time she saw a mirror. I like to support my stepdaughter differnently, like by walking in on her when she takes a shower to tell her she has hot tits I want to suck to boost her self-esteem.


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