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Ashton Kutcher Made Me Famous of the Day

Someone anonymously sent me the twitter admin panel for Ashton Kutcher’s twitter page. I am guessing this is the backend that has all his information about his account that twitter employees have access too.

I am proud to say that I am one of 8 people he has blocked. That is amazing. Sure it may not do anything for me, but knowing that he went out of his way to make me specifically disappear makes me feel like I’ve made it. Let’s hope Oprah and CNN set up an interview with me to find out why I am one of very few people he couldn’t handle ripping into him. I’ll keep you motherfuckers posted.

I admit I terrorized him a little with comments about his wonky lookin’ twin and his mom’s failed uterus, comments about how his mom’s failed uterus has driven him to Demi’s plastic surgery uterus and comments about fucking Rumer cuz no one else will, but I think the one that put him over the edge is when I called him a joke and not a comedian. Either way, it is the first time I can say I am proud to be in the same box as Perez.

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  • n2tattoos

    didn’t Demi trade in the uterus for the $20mil Striptease paycheck?

  • Bob A. Bowie

    Be careful you don’t catch the AIDS from that faggot Perez Hilton.

  • glorious.. u r my hero