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Rumer Willis is in a Movie of the Day

I don’t like that Rumer Willis is making sex faces at me. It reminds me of all those times I’ve been forced to have sex with disgusting girls because they were just too into getting fucked and I had no capacity to say no.

Rumer Willis is one ugly girl. I don’t care how blue she makes her eyes, shit won’t distract me from the fact that Demi Moore was on hard drugs while she was pregnant and has invested a lot of money in paying off People Magazine to name her top 100 Beautiful People and producers to cast her in their shitty straight to DVD movies about an ex-playmate becoming a sorority girl……

I guess what it comes down to is how much she’s paying this Luke Perry Mother Fucker to put his arm around her, I figure he’s either a co-star in the movie or someone who is willing to put their dignity aside for a little exposure, but either way the thought of anyone fuckin’ her kinda confuses me and makes for something I’d definitely watch, because I’ve done worse, but definitely wouldn’t enjoy watching. It’d be like a 2 Girls 1 Cup situation, but less sexy.

On a side note, Ashton Kutcher still has mommy issues and an old lady fetish and is still having sex with Demi Moore because he can’t figure out how to escape her controlling weathered hand and plastic surgeried grasp…..and he is supporting his stepdaughter by going to her event because I guess they are proud that she hasn’t killed herself yet, something they’ve all been expecting her to do since the first time she saw a mirror. I like to support my stepdaughter differnently, like by walking in on her when she takes a shower to tell her she has hot tits I want to suck to boost her self-esteem.


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  • oscar

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  • Glen Quagmire

    Demi Moore must have been fucking her brother. This bitch should be wearing protective gear and slobbering on herself somewhere. Why is this ugly fucking face always on my screen ? To drive away readers ?

  • yawn

    she looks like something from twilight zone.. her face is so featureless it almost appear completely blank.. she needs to get a lot skinnier for her cheekbones to protrude a little to give it balance to offset that chin…

    or something :p

  • yawn

    and those obvious colered contact lenses are ridiculous.

  • de Cosmos

    The dude will soon tire of his balls bouncing off of that chin of hers.

  • Candi Apples

    Rumer Willis is scary looking,and her jawline is fuckin huge!

    She looks like Jay Leno’s twin,and that is not a good thing.