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Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche Sex Scene in Some Movie Called Spread of the Day

I remember when Anne Heche was a phony lesbian who was licking Ellen’s twat for fame and fortune and exposure, you know cuz suckin’ dick to the top wasn’t working too well for her. Well now she’s in some new movie with Ashton Kutcher where he pretends to fuck her like she used to pretend to fuck Ellen and you can see some tit and some bum….good times…now you’ve seen the best part of the movie, let’s hope it bombs…

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Aubrey O’Day Playboy Scans of the Day

I haven’t bothered to check if these were posted anywhere else, but since the magazine is in stands it’s not really a leak or an exclusive, it just saves you 10 dollars and/or a lot of embarrassment of getting caught pulling a whack in the back of a magazine store…jack. Posting them today means we have til Monday before the asshole’s at Playboy, who email me constantly asking me to link to their shit for free, come knocking at my door saying that I breached some sort of copyright law by posting this shit when I just like to think I’m helpin’ sell magazines cuz these scans are fucking shit.

The point of this is to say that we all know you’re lookin’ for lonely desperate girls snd there’s only one place that will be a hot spot for that tonight and that’s at every movie theater playing “He’s Just Not That Into You”. So get up there now and start working your magic on bitter 20 somethings who’ve had a tough run and are alone this very magical day of love and lies.

Don’t tell me I don’t give you good advice. Happy Valentines Day you fucking queers.

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