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Ashton Kutcher Posts Demi’s Ass on Twitter of the Day

Ashton and Demi were in the Bahamas or some shit similar for Bruce Willis’ wedding to some 22 year old model, because I guess when you area famous, and have a lot of money, can offer the celebrity lifestyle and are fun to be around because you’re not stressed about pretty much anything, since you’ve fucked life up the ass and won, marrying 22 year old models isn’t all that crazy. There is always a slut out there willing, especially for promises of the good life.

Ashton and his mom-wife Demi are weird, Bruce and his Daughter-Wife probably are too, but combined weirdness aint got shit on the weirdness that is Rumer Willis’ face.

Everyone crticizes them for being so close, ex-wives and their boy toys are supposed to hate the ex-husband and their new young pussy, but the fact that they are tight doesn’t bother me, it just makes me think they are all probably fucking each other, I’m talking Ashton in Bruce’s mouth while Demi combs out her bush and the 22 year old model learns how to insert a tampon properly because she just got her period for the first time, or some other weirdness, because I follow this asshole on Twitter, and I can tell something’s a little off with him and his life, but selling out your wife’s ass to get Twitter followers is pretty commendable behavior…

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  • rainbone

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  • Satan666

    FUCK…. i UNfollowed Ashton cuz he was tweeting about religion and shit… then i missed this?!

    I fuckin FAIL.

  • n2tattoos

    when she finds out, i bet she puts him in the corner.

  • nunya

    that’s some flat ass right there, i can only imagine what her tired flabby pussy looks like now.

    Btw Brucie’s wife isn’t 22…she is in her 30’s….do some research fat ass.

  • ——

    Who cares if his bitch is in her 30s, the point is she’s a gold digger.

    I must say Demi is pretty hot for her age… but lacks in the ‘booty’ department. But eh.